ODST Recon Specialist

Sets 97105


ODST Recon specialists are equipped with special issue non-reflective armor that reduces the wearer’s IR signature for covert intelligence ops into high risk areas. The Suppressed SMG, M6C Magnum Pistol sidearm and M19 Rocket Launcher ensure that both expected and unexpected Covenant surprises are aptly dealt with.

Ideal for children and collectors ages 8 and up!


  • Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Pod with hidden supply compartments
  • Removable cockpit door
  • Upper exterior panels really deploy as a drag parachute!
  • Includes ODST in Recon steel armor
  • Weapons: M6C Socom, Suppressed SMG, Rocket Launcher

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love the gun-stock black. No gloss.

A Great set to get and an awesome figure for your UNSC forces but the price should be just a little lower because you don't get as much as a set like the UNSC Cryco bay or the Combat units that give you more than the drop pods do. Though the figure is a definite figure to get.