Banished Ambush

   Mar 09, 2020

Banished Ambush

Mar 10, 2020

@HaloODST56 thanks as always, my friend! @Zarry thanks mate! This was shot in my favourite part of our garden - the kind of terrain in this area changes with the Seasons, so it is quite barren currently! @81Ceta_Deta thanks as always, bro! @Silenttakedown Hey! I am Tom from TheSSMotion - I used to do all of the COD reviews back in the day. I quit the channel, however, and am just doing my own stuff nowadays so not longer associated. If I could change my username, I would!


Silenttakedown Mar 09, 2020

I love the terrain and posing! Dumb question, but are you the actual SSMotion?


81Ceta_Deta Mar 09, 2020

Aight, that's a great pic


Zarry Mar 09, 2020

Awesome shot, man. Fantastic environment and posing.


HaloODST56 Mar 09, 2020

No someone save that poor marine plz! BTW AWESOME pic!