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Image of: Coreffall117

Body balljoint

Build by Coreffall117    Dec 01, 2019

Body balljoint
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Body balljoint
Body balljoint
Body balljoint
Body balljoint
Body balljoint
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Joshy117 Dec 02, 2019

i feel like this would be good for stop motion


Cinimod64 Dec 02, 2019

Those look freaking sick! And Chief really does look like he's destroying you in a rap battle.


Admiral-Sabree Dec 02, 2019

Wow, looks like they got a bump up in hight. Still looks great.


81Ceta_Deta Dec 01, 2019

Wow. Just wow. I applaud you.


AVGcustoms Dec 01, 2019

Chief on the bottom left looks like he's absolutely destroying you in a rap battle, accompanied by his homies top right arbiter and bottom right kelly.