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Buck and Dare unmasked

Build by ratss454    Sep 25, 2019

Buck and Dare unmasked
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Buck and Dare unmasked
Buck and Dare unmasked
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81Ceta_Deta Sep 25, 2019

For a minute i think the second pic would be a gag. It does look accurate!


GreenSpartan082 Sep 25, 2019

That does look decently like him.


VinceHoffman Sep 25, 2019

Agreed. In fact the head look much more like Nathan "Buck" Fillion than it does David "Fox Mulder" Duchovny.


JoeFilms Sep 25, 2019

Oh wow, it really does!


Magnus913 Sep 25, 2019

im glad I wasnt the only one who thought the head mold was perfect for buck.