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Custom helioskrill

Build by Coreffall117    Feb 12, 2018

Custom helioskrill
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Custom helioskrill
Custom helioskrill
Custom helioskrill
Custom helioskrill
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TheArbiterofblocks Feb 14, 2018

That's just too awesome! I can't even see a hint of translucency!! Bravo!!


VinceHoffman Feb 13, 2018

Well it looks a lot better than any of the stock MB color choices thus far. Nice work!


Rogue-Elite Feb 13, 2018

@AgentHellion fun fact helioskrill armour is the only armour made by the sangheli on sanghelios and is designed after some sort of animal/creature on sanghelios the arbiters armour is actually based off the creature/animal as well.


GreenSpartan082 Feb 12, 2018

Nice looks like it would go well with the original Palmer


TacticalSponge Feb 12, 2018

A good armor set was made even better with a good paint scheme. I like it.