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Image of: NeedBloks

Custom Sergeant Johnson

Build by NeedBloks    Oct 16, 2019

Custom Sergeant Johnson

Emersonian_06 Oct 16, 2019

Sweet! Me likey


81Ceta_Deta Oct 16, 2019

Not bad, nice work!


JoeFilms Oct 16, 2019

He looks pretty dang good! Nice job!


Survivor11 Oct 16, 2019

Has a bunch of creative liberties but I'll accept the effort.


UnfriendlyPorcupine Oct 16, 2019

Yo that's tuff. He looks better than the official one, looks more accurate to the game ironically just with glasses. I wonder how all the Halo Figures would look like if they were done in COD style? How many other figures have done like this?