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Image of: Zarry

Farewell - Part 8

Build by Zarry    Feb 19, 2020

Farewell - Part 8
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Farewell - Part 8
Farewell - Part 8
Farewell - Part 8
Farewell - Part 8
Farewell - Part 8
Farewell - Part 8
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81Ceta_Deta Feb 20, 2020

@SpartanGregor113 But knowing this freak, he's probably gonna murder them all later. As implied earlier, if you "defect" or "rebel" you get thrown to the burn pile (?) which doesn't sound nice


THEranger01 Feb 20, 2020

aw crap that's not good


Acehalonerd1128 Feb 19, 2020

Damn now hes trapped. I hope it gets better from here


SpartanGregor113 Feb 19, 2020

@Spartanz19 @81Ceta_Deta He didn't die, though. He said to throw him in with Allen and his friends, meaning they are all alive.


Admiral-Sabree Feb 19, 2020

@81Ceta_Deta he only got back handed so over all not really hurt. She is being locked up with them so the decision while putting them in grave danger saved her life for the moment.