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Image of: Coreffall117

Halo huragok

Build by Coreffall117    Nov 30, 2019

Halo huragok
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Halo huragok
Halo huragok
Halo huragok
Halo huragok
Halo huragok
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EthanDavisAnimations Dec 09, 2019

If there was a dislike button for the gallery, no one would press it on this picture.


81Ceta_Deta Nov 30, 2019

Wow. I thought those were reference pics! Amazing work!


HALx-10 Nov 30, 2019

we need a official mega construx engineer like no other figure, good custom!


Acehalonerd1128 Nov 30, 2019

I like it. Looks great


Muto112 Nov 30, 2019

Well done!!