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Image of: Kevin_MCX

Mega Construx Heroes 2020

Build by Kevin_MCX    Feb 03, 2020

Mega Construx Heroes 2020

lawrencepittman357 Feb 28, 2020

Love the new figures, glad that they added these new ones to the "Black Series" line. Hopefully this will help make it easier when updating your Haves and Wants on the Mega home page database.


ArmieParker Feb 24, 2020

Omg hope one of those licenses are star Trek or x files


taharris121079 Feb 20, 2020

what are the odds that those "license 1", "license 2", and "license 3" are Star Trek The Next Generation related?


Madeulook Feb 15, 2020

Sooo.... why was your logo in an rainbow 6 stream


TheSSMotionTom Feb 14, 2020

@Kevin_MCX ah that makes sense - sounds like we have seen all from the COD line this year so far as I know a new trooper pack already debuted (Jungle Troops vs Mercs) and I've seen a new Weapons Crate. A shame the line has faded by appreciate the franchising agreement has been a funny one. Thanks for taking the time out to reply, Kevin. You're a real asset to Mega and really keep us all engaged. :)