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Image of: zach5251

my elite army

Build by zach5251    Aug 29, 2019

my elite army
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my elite army
my elite army
my elite army
my elite army
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SpartanGregor113 Aug 30, 2019

@kingcastlesieger I agree to an extent. I'm not a fan of the old articulation, just because it makes them harder to pose and animate, and the Halo 4 old elites look off to me. But the Classic Style old elite heads do hold up, masterfully proven by a few of NatoGreavesy's customs.


JoeFilms Aug 30, 2019

Quite the army indeed!


FlexiDragon Aug 30, 2019

I see your preparing for a war as well...


MemeMrMustard Aug 29, 2019



kingcastlesieger Aug 29, 2019

Honestly, the old elites still hold up in my opinion, especially the heads.