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Image of: Kevin_MCX

New Halo Infinite Sets!

Build by Kevin_MCX    Feb 20, 2020

New Halo Infinite Sets!
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New Halo Infinite Sets!
New Halo Infinite Sets!
New Halo Infinite Sets!
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lawrencepittman357 Feb 23, 2020

Gotta havem all!!! Gonna spend alot of money with the 2 in 1, that means your gonna have to buy 2 of each. Glad I started stashing money right after Christmas. Now we just need released dates!!!


81Ceta_Deta Feb 21, 2020

All right. These will be nice additions. The warthog has got some nice Warthog Run suspension, it appears


EthanDavisAnimations Feb 21, 2020

So many questions! So little information! PLEASE TELL ME!!!!


Survivor11 Feb 21, 2020

*Hmm* Definitely not a pelican, warthog, or mongoose. I'm betting on a Falcon, a Scorpion, and a jack rabbit.


Mexican--Guy Feb 20, 2020

men i want to fill that pelican with marines