Mar 27, 2020


Mar 28, 2020

@HaloODST56 they are awesome figures. @81Ceta_Deta taken during the night, with a studio light set up! @RedThree I always thought it got too much criticism - it was a fun film! @Cinimod64 thanks dude! @Emersonian_06 so much fun...and felt strangely familiar!


Emersonian_06 Mar 27, 2020

Did you enjoy da build?


Cinimod64 Mar 27, 2020

It's too bad you have to watch Nightfall to understand Locke in Halo 5. But amazing picture!


TechnoHunter9 Mar 27, 2020

I didn't watch nightfall, but I know they aren't ODSTs, they're ONI agents. Not trying to look clever, just wanted to point it out.


RedThree Mar 27, 2020

I did greatly enjoy Nightfall. Locke is a pretty cool dude once you get to know him!