Mar 12, 2020


THEranger01 Apr 28, 2020

are you kidding know he is classified

Mar 14, 2020

@AVGcustoms the best intro in a Halo game


AVGcustoms Mar 14, 2020

Troopers! We are green! And very, VERY MEAN!!!

Mar 13, 2020

@Zarry thanks mate. Put a lot of work into some shots, including this one, which I did the other day, so this feedback means a lot. @HaloODST56 promised you some ODST pics would come ;) @81Ceta_Deta thanks my friend! I've actually worked on a television set before and have always wanted to go into film, but I currently work in the Charitable sector. @DemarcationMedia appreciate it my friend - especially with how AWESOME your work is!


DemarcationMedia Mar 12, 2020

Perfection. Need I say more?