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Small Dollar Store Haul

Build by ShlubCustoms    Jan 11, 2020

Small Dollar Store Haul

ShlubCustoms Jan 11, 2020

@WhoThCares The funny part is that they had 10 dollar troop packs (like the CTF Base Crasher pack) beside the 16 dollar ones (2018-2019 troop packs).


ShlubCustoms Jan 11, 2020

@81Ceta_Deta Third and Fourth, actually. I mentioned getting these, but I never actually got around to posting the pictures. @Silenttakedown both of the Ambush sets were 16 bucks flat (before tax) and the Brute Customizer Pack was 10 bucks flat (before tax).


WhoThCares Jan 11, 2020

@Silenttakedown they are like ten dollars for a set that size with cod armory and the bikes being less than ten


Silenttakedown Jan 11, 2020

So are they literally a dollar or is it like 5$?


81Ceta_Deta Jan 11, 2020

What are those, your 5th and 6th ODST ambush?