Stranded On Zeta

   Mar 04, 2020

Stranded On Zeta

HaloODST56 Mar 06, 2020

Ok thanks!

Mar 06, 2020

@Zarry thanks for the love as always, Zarry. Really appreciate it. @HaloODST56 thanks buddy!` When the weather is better I'll get some ODST pics for you to appreciate, too! @81Ceta_Deta thanks mate! @RockManJJ they are awesome accessories! Really help to set the scene in some photos. @Acehalonerd1128 thanks my friend! @Cinimod64 always means a lot coming from you, mate! It's a tent from the COD Anti-Armour Helicopter. Thought it fit nicely with what I wanted to go for here.


Cinimod64 Mar 05, 2020

This is an amazing photo. What's the big green thing in the background?


Acehalonerd1128 Mar 05, 2020

This is awsome


RockManJJ Mar 05, 2020

Really like those crates. This is beautiful