The Green Machine

   Mar 14, 2020

The Green Machine

81Ceta_Deta Apr 15, 2020

Huh. Missed this. Excellent shot!

Mar 15, 2020

@HaloODST56 thanks mate - this is a fairly old one! @Cinimod64 thanks dude - always try and make these guys look as lifelike as possible! Appreciate the kind words. @Zarry cheers for all the support, Zarry!


Zarry Mar 14, 2020

This is yet another fantastic shot. Great work, Tom!


Cinimod64 Mar 14, 2020

Something about the way Johnson's head is angled really helps to make him look engaged in what he's doing. Which is usually hard with these emotionless figures. Nice job as always!


HaloODST56 Mar 14, 2020

Eat lead freaks! Awesome pic!