Where's Cortana?

   Apr 05, 2020

Where's Cortana?

Apr 06, 2020

@HaloODST56 thanks my friend! @Emersonian_06 I enjoy those reactions to my photos! @THEranger01 @JoeFilms got it right - a Halo 3 scene. Thanks for the compliment, Joe! :) @81Ceta_Deta thanks as always my friend! @Zarry ah Zarry.


JoeFilms Apr 05, 2020

@THEranger01 My man, this is Halo 3. Great photo as always man, the lighting, the posing, the zoom, everything.


Zarry Apr 05, 2020

In the sewers where I left her...


81Ceta_Deta Apr 05, 2020

Great pic.!


THEranger01 Apr 05, 2020

from 5 i assume?