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WWII d-day + 15

Build by WWIIboy    Aug 27, 2019

WWII d-day + 15

Cowboysfan12 Sep 21, 2019

Sweet pretty cool I am trying to make a d day invasion right now


WWIIboy Aug 28, 2019

I am making more things from this and my other one that i will try to post later


JoeFilms Aug 27, 2019

@81Ceta_Deta Nope! That's about it. Welcome to the community, WWIIboy!


WWIIboy Aug 27, 2019

I didn’t they are different by a tiny bit the first one is just resting the second is an artillery attack


81Ceta_Deta Aug 27, 2019

Pretty neat! Welcome to our little happy corner of the internet! Some tips :) 1. Don't post the same thing twice. It takes a hour or more to upload, so wait until you see it. 2. When addressing someone, do this @JoeFilms or @81Ceta_Deta. Anything else, Joe?