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So, yeah, i'm not dead..
M37 “Spartan Bus” Troop Transport, Halo Reach MOC
Because One Joe Wasn't Bad Enough...
Grub Flap the Creator
T-Pose Tuesday: Ts for Keyes
Capture the Bush
Announcement for Bush Employees
Get Tactical Marines!
Easter Special
Grunter 2.0
Advance Blackhawk gunship
Bush War chapter 5
Simon da fish
Global Builders Community 2014
Ghosts and Glass
640pcs son!
Keyes love his cola
200th post
Xûr: Agent of the Nine
Vintage Mega Bloks!
MOTU Snake Mountain
T-Pose Tuesday: Google images dominance
Cyua-Alkeric: Custom
An Unusual Ride
Monster Attack
The collection of all my models from the Halo and Destiny universes and Future plans
Can you find it?
Is this real ?
Farewell CC
So long, CC...
Megatale episode one
My custom Master Chief
Tactical Deployment
Custom Project Rules!
Random Series
Halo-MOTU Crossover Fun
Y-Pose Wednesday: Shrub Team
Antares - Isolation - 3
May the 4th
Wasteland - Night Terrors - Part 1

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