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 Staff Picks
The Murpleorian
I got mega constructs
Winters: Antares - 112
my first project hope you like it
Colonial Marine Corps Battle exoskeleton
I'll show you the Dark Side
The ideal plasma rifle
Secret UNSC base
And so it is...
Re-done nuke town
It just wasn’t meant to be...
Wasteland - Lessons Learned - Part 2
My First Stop Motion
Thin Blue Line
Marco “The Rider” Tucci (Basic’s Contest)
The Phoenix
The K mob.
Area 51 Meme
Prepare to hold the line to the last Man and Woman! Dont let em through!
Wall of fame for figures
Keep Driving Dont stop
Winters: Antares - 100
Ripa moramee
Spartan Collection
ODST: Graves
Zodac and Sorceress Samples
Custom Halo 4 Chief
Not What I Ordered
United States Army Staff Sergeant WIP
Wolverine Build and Builder Evolution
Throwback Thursday: Warthog Field Ambulance
Winters: Antares - 106
Dawn of Darkness: Part I
Halo SPI Mega Construx CUSTOM
The Nightmare Within
Winters: Antares - 97
“Pack Hunters” teaser
Mega-Verse Year 2 Q&A 25/26th (Tomorrow!)
Click this!
Don’t move!!!
Massable Marines Blind Bag
Sniper Spartan
Those Two Guys Blind Bag series
Leaders of the Banished
"Soviet return"

#From the Past

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