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 Staff Picks
I got mega constructs
Winters: Antares - 112
my first project hope you like it
Colonial Marine Corps Battle exoskeleton
The ideal plasma rifle
Secret UNSC base
And so it is...
Re-done nuke town
It just wasn’t meant to be...
Wasteland - Lessons Learned - Part 2
My First Stop Motion
Thin Blue Line
Marco “The Rider” Tucci (Basic’s Contest)
The Phoenix
The K mob.
Fire Support
Area 51 Meme
Prepare to hold the line to the last Man and Woman! Dont let em through!
Wall of fame for figures
Keep Driving Dont stop
Winters: Antares - 100
Ripa moramee
Spartan Collection
ODST: Graves
Middle of combat
Ashes of Antares - Part 277
Custom Halo 4 Chief
Not What I Ordered
United States Army Staff Sergeant WIP
Ward of Dawn
Wolverine Build and Builder Evolution
Halo Mega Construx 10th anniversary pics
Throwback Thursday: Warthog Field Ambulance
Winters: Antares - 106
Dawn of Darkness: Part I
Halo SPI Mega Construx CUSTOM
The Nightmare Within
Winters: Antares - 97
Captain Keyes Pop n Swap.
“Pack Hunters” teaser
Mega-Verse Year 2 Q&A 25/26th (Tomorrow!)
Click this!
Don’t move!!!
Massable Marines Blind Bag
Sniper Spartan

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