Posting to the forum (guidelines)

Please read all official rules before posting.
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Posting to the forum (guidelines):

To keep our forum helpful, relevant and safe for all fans, we only accept posts that stick to the following guidelines:

* Helpful: Only offer feedback if it’s constructive or helpful to others.

* No graphic or adult content: Don’t post any mature content or language, such as profanity or content that’s violent, graphic or suggestive in nature.

* No personal information: Stay safe! Don’t include any personal information about yourself, such as your full name, location, age, passwords, phone number, email address, social accounts, financial information, etc.

* No harassment: No “flaming” or harassment of other users is accepted. Try to make your point without using insults, threats or any other form of harassment, whether direct or masked.

* No soliciting: No soliciting, promotion or advertising of other products, websites, blogs or forums.

* No graphic violence: Keep it fun. Don’t post any images or content that includes or suggests graphic violence, like blood or gore.

* No copyright infringement: Only post your own pictures or content that you have permission to use. Don’t post copyrighted images or any other content that belongs to someone else. Copyrighted materials may be deleted.

* Keep conversation on topic. Try to keep conversation pertinent to the thread topic. Irrelevant posts will be deleted.

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