How do i paint things? (Need tips) (probs literally lol)

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Thanks, I’ll look in to that.

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May as well throw my own hat in the ring, despite how fully answered this topic is.

Q: Are Cotton swab or Q-Tips reasonable tools to use?
A: Depends. If you are cleaning up a wash, a wet Q-Tip is excellent for water soluble hobby acrylic.

Q: What type of brush is best for small painting?
A: It all depends on your style. You can get fine details with a largish (size 1 or 2) brush if you know what you are doing. I prefer small brushes. I use a 30/0 brush that I have clipped into a 40/0 brush for small details.

Q: Should I paint pieces individually or on the figure while painting
A: Again, it depends. For example, if you are painting a Spartan green with a black undersuit, I would recomment sorting out which parts are mostly green and which parts are mostly black. Paint all of the black pieces black and the green pieces green. Reassemble the figure and then finish it up with final detailing and touch-ups.

Q: Are painting guns a bad idea?
A: Not really. The paint will rub off of the handles/grips though, so be prepared for that before you even begin to paint.

Q: What type of paint should I use, and will it effect the figure with feel instead of just looks?
A: Definitely use acrylic where water is the thinning agent. You can renew drying paint just by adding a couple drops of water from the kitchen sink. Once again though, the type depends on you personally. If you want a paint to dry slowly so you can easily blend colors wipe off mistakes, go for a slow drying acrylic. I work quite fast due to experience, so I prefer a fast drying paint, accelerated by direct sunlight and heat. As for how the paint feels, it depends on the sheen. Matte paint generally feels sort of dry to the touch, sort of like cotton. Gloss generally feels wet and sticky, regardless of how dry it actually is. Satin paint generally falls somewhere in between.

Hope this helps.

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