Custom TMNT Krang's spaceship Skullbuzzer, need advice

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Hello people,

For some time now since I discovered Mega Construx classic TMNT line I have been wanting to make a custom model to add to my collection, a model of a spaceship that appeared in a tie in comic series called TMNT Adventures.
The ship is called the Skullbuzzer and from above somewhat resembles a skull. ... 1106084135 ... 1106084354 ... 1106084317

(sorry direct images are not possible)

I wonder what materials or sets would be required to build this thing. The Technodrome set probably contains a lot of pieces that I could use as would probably the Star Trek classic Enterprise (even though both sets have different colors).

The idea is that the main body could be opened and would reveal a bridge with controls and seats for TMNT mini figs to be placed in.

It is also suppose to carry three flying footskis but I can always add those later if I can make this.

The only customization I would do is give the ship eight rocket engines instead of four because right now it looks like an egg with a stick sticking out of that is laying on its side, and perhaps make the main body a bit flatter and wider.

I hope people here have ideas or suggestions for me.
Edit: perhaps people here have other suggestions for Mega construx sets that have the needed components.

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