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Koatl-tletl Batman

Tips & Tricks
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I need a Batman figure for a video in the new year.
The one posted by Koatl-tletl in the gallery would be perfect.
I'd buy it if I could but, failing that, does anybody recognise the pieces used?

At the same time I am trying to piece something together which is looking OK if I can get the Mighty mini Batman head attached OK. The other trick will be the emblem on his chest.
I guess I will have to paint that by hand (gulp!!!) but any tips for creating a stencil that small?

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I managed to get the Batman mighty mini head on the body. I had to enlarge the neck hole a little and the head itself is just on the small side to be perfect. Actually the head is probably a better scale than the Mega Bloks heads but he'll look like a pin-head compared to the Marvel characters.
I'll try a Cap America head with blu-tack ears painted black and see if that looks better.

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