King Arthur, anyone?

Trip down memory lane...
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Admiral-Sabree wrote:
Fri Jul 12, 2019 3:55 am
I was gonna say. King Arthur in 2008-2009. Dragons Universe was in 2010-2011 with Halo debuting in late 2010-2011
First Halo set was in 2009.

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That should be right. I've never heard anyone talk about halo mega bloks in 2009 though. 2009 was the original scorpion tank. That 3 Spartan turret and a few other sets I think. I remeber buying my first sets late 2010. Not sure how many sets came before that wave.

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Yeah, after King Arthur finished, Halo was a very new idea. They just made a few sets in 2009 but really started something for Halo in 2011.

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I was able to get the castle, the ship, a lamorak set but they are pricey on ebay. I think there was not enough made to really go around. Sometimes Mega gives up too quick on a line, but I know its a money retail thing. If something is not flying off the shelf retailers will not give it a space. I have emailed walmart several times telling them they are dropping the ball.

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Yeah I got all of my sets at like 70% off.

$5 NZD for a 200-piece bridge, most of those parts are massive. Great deal. Should've gotten way more of them, but I was young and naive.

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