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Pirates, Knights, Cowboys, Ninjas. So many generic but great genres
Oh and.... Firefly and 2000AD.

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A pack of Yap Yap’s heavy grunts, set up like the fire team packs.

Like the ONI team and the covenant lance.

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I think we should get a flood battle pack, with 5 or so combat forms, and 7 infection forms. I also want an ODST or plain H3 marine pack, with 10 marines, even if it raises the price.

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I think we should get a flood battle pack, with 5 or so combat forms, and 7 infection forms. I also want an ODST or plain H3 marine pack, with 10 marines, even if it raises the price.
This. All of this. If Mega releases these, my wallet will implode.

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I like the idea of a Flood battle pack and Halo 3 and/or Halo Reach Marines, Medics, etc.

More Hellboy figures in the Heroes line would be amazing.

And, I've heard rumors that Dragonball is a possibility. That would be great. And, I imagine profitable with the ability to keep rereleasing the same molds in the same colors over and over just with different heads/hairs. The removable armor system like used with Halo figures would be great with the outer shirts and armor of characters like Goku/Vegeta. They could even include alternate battle-damaged clothes/armor in the figure packs. Buildable beam struggles, Space Capsules, and summoned dragons could round out the line. I don't really watch the shows anymore, but I would probably buy every product released in that line.

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I know the odds are unlikely, but a man can still dream, can't he? If at all possible with Ubisoft and such, I was thinking a Rainbow Six Siege line could be made. I was thinking it could be done in squad packs like how some of the Call of Duty sets were done. I would say they could do that for the original operators: GIGN, GSG9, FBI/SWAT, Spetznaz, and SAS. Each of these sets would include all four operators in all of the CTU's with a small model of their gadgets and weaponry. They could do a set which is just a couple recruits as well so that all bases are covered. As for all the DLC operators, they could go about doing it one of many ways. They could sell each CTU individually or they could put a few together for ones set. (For example putting the JTF2 and the BOPE into one set). Anyway they do it, they could put the operator's gadgets as well as their weaponry. This would go all the way up to the current season and with how Rainbow Six is looking, we still have quite a few operators to go. Something cool would be little models of the bombsites or the secure area box... maybe even the hostage. (Don't quite know how well that'd go though being honest). Possibly even a portions of famous sites on fan favorite maps. Another interesting suggestion would definitely be the elite skins. They could totally put them into individual packs and I know I would buy them up instantly. I would buy all of this up instantly. I know there is a group of people out there who want more cool stuff for Rainbow Six and if I got to mess with a tiny Tachanka... I would be happy. I don't know how possible this is but Ubi has put their hand in the figurine crowd with overwhelmingly positive results. (Most if not all chibi figures are sold out now). I know Rainbow Six may not transfer easily but if Call of Duty can do it, why can't our beloved operators?

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Flood battle pack is a great idea I fully support. I would also love to see CQB,Eva, and Scout to be made articulated(in that order). Maybe include them in some more RvB sets? I would love more RvB sets!(not the show, but red and blue teams). And some more snowbound. I loved those.

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I would love a Tachanka

Oh and Bandit

And glaz

And fuze

And thermite

Heck gimme all of them!

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If they ever made rainbow six siege operators they would be purchased for there gadgets over everything else. (Lets be real who wouldn't buy like 50 tachankas for thouse turrets. It may be almost useless in game but in actuality setting it up in a MOC with the bullet proof glass would be a dangerous turret in the field)

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Has anyone suggested a She-Ra line yet?

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