Just how far can we go with the MCX Heroes line?

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By now, it's pretty obvious that the MCX Heroes line panders to the very specific audience of literally everybody. When you consider every figure released under the line, chances are that, even if you aren't a fan of them, you know at least one of the characters. Mega has even branched out into cult classic movies and tv shows like Alien and The X Files.

The question is, just how far could we take this?

Could we one day see figures based on niche shows and movies?

Probably not . . .

That shouldn't stop us from imagining what could be though.

Post your long hoped for obscure MCX Heroes figures below.

I would love to see some based on The Red Green Show or maybe a figures based off of one of the best movies ever made, George Clooney's Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?.

What would you want to see, and feel free to be very specific about figures and accessories.

For the Red Green Show example, they could make a figure of Harold Green and his video effects gizmo.

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This probably isn't super niche, but I'd absolutely love to see figures based on the creatures and machines from the rebooted XCOM games, particularly the titular enemies from XCOM 2's War of The Chosen expansion.

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Oh boy oh boy...

Here we go

My Hero Academia
Divergent series
Maze Runner series
Hunger Games series
Star Wars
The Office

(Will add more later.)

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Star Wars
It's times like this that I wish a certain four letter competitor brand didn't have the license for Star Wars. Can you imagine 16 POA Clone minifigures?

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I would love to see Mega Construx The Hobbit and LOTR sets in general aside from heroes figures. However the likelihood of that happening is quite low.

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Wing Commander

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Resident Evil
Dead Space
Csgo (more for the cosmetics)

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I wouldn't mind some Apex, Titanfall, or classic Hanna Barbera cartoon figures.

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Don't forget Gallery members.

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Not niche at all but, Firefly? Farscape, any stargate, SG-1 in particular. From games, Ill leave the impossible out of this. Jak from the Jak series. Issic Clark/Necromorph!!! Deadspace !!!!! The absolutely impossible will less likely to happen then the unmentioned impossible above... books!!! What can I say, main character from Dune. (I know, I cant think of his name darnit) Roland... The Dark Tower series. (Not the movie, the far superior book series)

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