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The Imperial Campaign

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I'm still sad about the poor elite :/

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I don't know how to go from here

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I can continue when I'm free.
I have a little bit of a twist in mind.

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OK, here's my continuation:

The smoke cleared.
-011 was miraculously alive.
And I mean miraculously.
He had some kind of shrapnel stuck through his left cheek.
Unfortunately, he was, also pinned under a load of concrete.

3 hours later.
Another being walked into the room. Sneakily.
He was wearing a similar set to that of -011.
This one, however, was set up not as the field technician configuration like -011's, but rather as recon.

He checked his infra-red scans.

"I should've known he'd be in such an explosion. Typical."

He began to lift off the rubble.

When he finished, he tapped -011's head.

"I hope you know the amount of noise you make!"


-011 jumped up with the usual burst of adrenaline present in all of them.

After narrowly avoiding an instinctive roundhouse kick, the newcomer took off his helmet.

"Woah dude, it's me!"


-011 collapsed.

"And of course he's passed out from internal bleeding... If only we had -010. She'd have fixed him up already.
Well, we can't have everything in life!"

And so he began to slowly drag -011 out.

"ONI really needs more biofoam reserves..."

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Ooh a mysterious stranger...

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Ooh a mysterious stranger...

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I should really make this a part of my routine for the day. I'm like 10 pages behind y'all.

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