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Key: N = Content created by NatoGreavesy C = Content created by charliebucket A = content created by Admiral-Sabree J = Content created by Jason397a ATLAS 1: ATLAS created by Charlie based in (C) ATLAS 2: ATLAS created by Charlie/Nato based in (N)

- Birth of the Universe.
- During the seventeenth firing of the Octoral Protocol the Oberon and Station CXr-8dv are located near a celestial body within the New Universe Asirlun. Eventually there orbits decay, the station falling to the planet first.
- The Oberon later falls out of the sky and crashes on the barren planet below landing to the side of Installation CXr-8dv.
- We were one it the beginning, we will be one in the end-
- The Precursor race comes into existence.

15,654,346 B.C
- The High Elves are born

15,568,593 B.C
- The Elves discover space travel
- The Elves first land on the moon

15,000,000 BC
- The species that would eventually come to call itself the Forerunner race is created by the Precursors, and seeded on the paradise planet Ghibalb.

14,424,532 B.C
- The Elves reach out beyond our solar system
- The Elves begin colonising other planets

9,850,000 BC (I can't find a date for when the Precursor-Forerunner war started, but this is (roughly, based on some quick maths) when it ended)
- Believing themselves to be the rightful inheritors of the Precursor's 'Mantle of Responsibility', which the Precursors had been intending to bestow upon the fledgling race of humanity, the Forerunners go to war with their creators, and drive the Precursors to near extinction, seizing the Mantle for themselves.
-Unbeknownst to the Forerunners, however, the surviving Precursors put into place a plan to ensure the resurrection of their species. Many of the surviving Precursors converted themselves into a virulent powder which could regenerate into their past forms.

1,398,578 B.C
- The Elves discover two Schisms, the Defanium Schism and the Jaranian Schism
- The Elves contain them to stop them being used by others, one as a weapon in a vault, one to power their largest carrier, containing a built-in time machine

279,576 B.C
- The other races are born: Dwarves, Goblins and Orcs
- The Elves observe this and allow them to evolve on their own
- The Elves decide to construct a safe planet with a shield around it, in the centre of the universe

216,141 B.C
- An Elvin research project is conducted by an Elvin Magistrate. In the City of Iluvinaes, a cultish sect In-hales fumes produced by a quantum distortion crated by tapping directly into the fracture.
- The fumes illuminate the Elves partaking in this ritual. Allowing them to see directly into the time stream, the same as the highest of ascendant celestials might.
- The Magistrate, unknown by the rest of the cult formulates a great tome. Dubbed the Tales of Yor.

216,140 B.C
- The Elvin Magistrate begins to feel the ramifications of his choices. Realizing that his writings will influence future events, he try's to destroy the Tome and discovers that its destruction was never in his power.
- Conceding to his fate the Elvin Magistrate begins to reveal more about himself in his writings and directs his tales to the individual meant to read them one day.

216,134 B.C
- The Elvin Magistrate finishes the final page of the Tales of Yor. The final Vision revealed to him that he would be returning home to await the wonderer who would one day find his way to its spires.
- The Magistrate destroys the Cult of Yor, and shatters the distortion field creating the fumes.
- He leaves the Tome to be found years later by the Elvin Government.

202,447 B.C
- The Tales of Yor is discovered intact beneath the ruins of the Iluvinaes. The Elves take the tome back to there central library.

180,500 B.C
- The ancient, unknown races of Gelida forge the Rift Sabre, Second Sword, and Spear of Deletion.

180,250 B.C
- The Gelidan ancients go to war, and swiftly find themselves annihilated by the very weapons they were fighting over. A small handful of survivors remain, and begin scattering the weapons across the planet.

180,000 B.C
- The last of the Gelidan ancients die out, leaving no trace of their civilisation except the three weapons, and an ominous prophecy: should all three of the artifacts be brought together again, they would unleash the ultimate evil.

179,245 B.C
- The Elves create their safe planet, surrounded with 10 giant moon-sized shield generators and plasma guns

178, 955 B.C.
- On Earth a voyager arrives in the Neolithic era. A ruined device is left for someone to find in the future. The voyager leaves no trace.
- Majora and the Fierce Diety are born

152,324 B.C
- The Great Burning of Eladious takes place. The Tales of Yor are torn asunder and its pages are taken by multiple Elvin Illuminates who preserve its pages bending them into Eluvium Scrolls. They are then scattered across the Elvin Empire.

120,445 B.C
- The Fierce Diety kills Majora, but its spirit lives on

110,000 BC
- The ancient, spacefaring human civilisation encounters automated cargo ships of unknown origin, carrying strange cylinders of fine powder (the desiccated remnants of the Precursors). During the eons spent in stasis, this powder had became so corrupted that it could only cause horrific disease and mutation. The Precursors, driven insane by the rebellion of their creations, had embraced this corruption and became part of it, and so when this powder eventually infected local wildlife and human subjects, the Precursors became the Flood, and began their quest for vengeance against the Forerunners.
- Humanity attempts to go to war with the Flood, however, the war does not go in their favour, and after losing many planets, they are forced to retreat, invading a region of Forerunner-controlled space to do so, an act which the Forerunners (who were unaware of the Flood infection) mistake as an act of belligerence.
- Humanity manages to engineer a 'cure' which turns the tide in their war against the Flood, forcing the parasite to retreat. (However, this turns out to be a ploy on behalf of the Flood - they simply chose to leave humanity alone, and focused instead on covertly infiltrating Forerunner space).
- Misinterpreting humanity's incursion into their territory as an act of aggression, the Forerunners wage war against them, destroying their empire and leaving only a few survivors in a devolved state on their original home planet of Erde-Tyrene (now called Earth). Before this, as a final act of spite against the Forerunners, the humans destroyed all of their information regarding the Flood, leaving the Forerunners unaware of the threat that they would soon face.

100,300 BC
- The Forerunners encounter the Flood for the first time. Mistaking it for a non-sentient disease, rather than the highly adaptable, intelligent parasite that it was, their efforts to contain it failed, and it swiftly began to spread across Forerunner space, taking control of ships.
- Believing the humans to have discovered a cure during their war with the Flood, the Forerunners waste valuable time trying to find or recreate the nonexistent cure themselves, allowing the Flood to gain further traction in their systems.
- The Flood form a centralised Gravemind to coordinate their attacks, as well as a number of 'Key Minds', pseudo-graveminds capable of extremely sophisticated strategic thought. They also begin utilising ancient Precursor technologies in their war effort, giving the Forerunners their first insight into the true nature of the Flood.

100,200 B.C.
- The Grave mind creates a new flood form as a subject to extract the more viable survival traits from other life forms.

100,190 B.C.
- The new flood observes the ways of the flood and there relation to other sentient life. It slowly accrues a sentient consciousness, sympathizing with the plight of the sentient races.
- It slowly comes to relise that once all sentient life in there galaxy is gone they will have to seek out more sentient life or starve. The minor conciouseness performs its job and searches for ways to adapt and survive without the reliance of other races to serve as a food source

100,187 B.C.
- The Grave mind now aware of the seperate consensus wishes to merg there knowledge.
- The secondary minor consensus openly opposes the main consensus, dooming its own survival as innately flawed due to there reliance on other sentient creatures to survive.
- Regardless the secondary merges with the primary into the main consensus strengthening the knowledge of the Grave Mind.

100,050 B.C.
- Installation 00 begins construction
- The Elves are fearful of it, they begin evacuating themselves to the safe planet.

100,008 B.C
- Believing in the inevitable firing of the Halo Array, Forerunner Shipmaster Ashes Of Infinite begins to build an army of Promethean soldiers, and a means to compose himself yet still keeping his sentience.

100,001 B.C
- Ashes of Infinite successfully composes himself and takes his Forerunner Fleet into distant galaxies.

100,000 B.C
- The Forerunners fire the Halo array, destroying all sentient life within three radii of the galactic centre, with the exception of life forms that were on the Ark, Shield Worlds, or the Halo rings themselves.
-Samples of most sentient species had been secured by the Forerunner Lifeshapers prior to the activation of the rings, and were later transferred back to their planets of origin as part of the Conservation Measure.

90,096 B.C
- Elven Refugees from Dimension “G” use advanced dimension jumping technology and arrive near Sigma-Bravo.

90,095 B.C
- The Elven Refugees successfully settle on Sigma-Bravo. They established their Capital Minas Estel (City of Hope) on The Misty Isle as well as a fortress in the Antarctic known as Orthronn Od Luan (Fortress of Sanctuary) where the majority of their space worthy vehicles are held.

90,093 B.C
- Being short of resources the use of vehicles and high-tech equipment becomes extremely rare unless in great need. Weapons such as swords become common. The wild animals of Sigma-Bravo begin to be tamed but the process is extremely dangerous.

86,793 B.C
- Having explored for thousands of years Ashes of Infinite returns to The Milky Way Galaxy.

84,743 B.C
- After thousands of years in isolation the Sigma-Bravo Elves have evolved drastically enough to be considered their own species of Elf.

80,999 B.C
- Drifting Flood Controlled Forerunner Vessels Crash land eastern oceans of Sigma-Bravo. Currents spread The Flood across the planet but the Elves manage to repel them. However some Flood organisms survive and go into a deep slumber.

80,998 B.C
- The Forerunner vessel Ashes of Infinite discovers Sigma-Bravo, originally he is pleased to find life flourishing on the planet and send emissaries to met with the Elves.

80,997 B.C
- Having discovered large amounts of the Sigma-Bravo Underground infected with Flood Parasite, Ashes of Infinite begins systematically exterminating the Elves to stop the Flood again spreading across the galaxy.

80,996 B.C
- The Elves fight back, warming up their old spaceships they manage hold back the Promethean forces.

80,990 B.C
- After a long bitter war the Elves run out of the resources powering their spaceships.
- The Promethean onslaught continues and the Capital Minas Estel is sacked.

80,989 B.C
- Flood spores manageto reach Ashes of Infinite’s vessels. He sets his fleet into a direct corse into the nearest star to prevent The Floods spread.
- Ashes of Infinite uploads a copy of himself to a Forerunner Satellite orbiting the planet.

80,988 B.C
- The Promethean’s attack Orthronn Od Luan. Ashes of Infinite appears himself during the final battle and slays the Elven King. His son manages to defeat Ashes of Infinite, but is left alone as the only survivor.
- The Prince separates what remains of Ashes of Infinite’s robot body across the Antarctic in a means for him never to rise again.
- The Prince also leaves his sword Flame Breath behind, instead wielding his father’s blades.

80,987 B.C
- The Elven Prince returns to the ruined Minas Estel and enters a deep slumber upon his father’s ruined throne, ever vigilant for Ashes of Infinite to rise again. Whether it was as a sign of respect or out of fear the Sigma-Bravo wildlife leave the Prince at peace on his throne.

68,445 B.C
- The Elves return to Earth
- They decide it isn't their place to be among the stars, and they destroy all their space-faring technology.
- In Dimension: E, the three Godesses create Hyrule, Lorule, and their Triforces.
- Termina created in Dimension: F by a rift between Hyrule and Lorule, this rift later becoming YugaRealm.

67,362 B.C.
- Majora's Mask created by the Cult of the Masks.
- The Three Goddesses forge the Master Sword and create the Ocarina of Time.

8,569 B.C
- Don't be afraid child, let me show you the way.
- A warship jumps into this reality for a moment and shortly after warps into another.

5,337 B.C
- Jeff banished to Dimension: X
- After 200,000 years of peaces, the Orcs go to war against the High Elves.
- Majora's Mask used for the first time to enslave the Gerudo and Zora.
- The wearer of Majora's Mask is killed by the Fierce Deity, the Gerudo and Zora are freed.

5,327 B.C
- Jeff breaks out of Dimension: X
- Jeff comes to power.
- The orcs are nearly defeated after a major battle.
- Jeff begins his great journey to the Goblin Kingdom.

5,326 B.C
- Jeff reaches the Goblin Kingdom and kills the Goblin King, Max.
- Jeff wins over the Goblins and begins raising a Goblin army.
- War against the Amazons begins.
- The High Elves discover Jeff is raising an army.
- The Fierce Deity hunts down the Cult of the Masks, and kills them all.
- The Fierce Deity kills the corrupted residents of Termina, and the race of Terminians is reborn.
- The Fierce Deity creates the Fierce Deity's Mask, which grants the wearer his powers. The mask is sealed away.

5,325 B.C
- After a long war, Jeff conquers the Amazons
- The High Elves begin a long march to meet Jeff

5,290 B.C
- Jeff wipes out the Dwarves
- Time Blade is forged
- Gauntlets of Drathu are forged
- The Fierce Deity breaks into the Sacred Realm, and kills all those imprisoned there.

5,286 B.C
- Ill be your voice, let me show you the way
- The High Elves arrive at the Orc Badlands
- The High Elves defeated by Jeff
- The First Great War is won by Jeff
- Jeff fails to use the Defanium Schism, and is blasted to a small island in the Caribbean

4,323 B.C
- let me be your eyes, I will guide you.
- The High Elves erase all existence of themselves. And go into hiding
- The last remaining Goblins die out
- Another warship enters from another dimension. It surveys the planet, Earth, and leaves shortly afterwards.
- The Merging Bracelet is forged.

1,789 B.C
- Do you here the cry of the wayward sky?
- The race of High Elves dies out.

852 BC
- After decades of war, the San'Shyuum (Prophets) and Sangheili (Elites) ratify an alliance, and the Covenant is formed.

784 BC
- The Lekgolo (Hunters) are tamed by the Covenant, and integrated into the alliance.

43 B.C.
- Majora's Mask is claimed by a strange man in purple, and its power is sealed away.

1 B.C.
- Lorule falls into war over the Triforce, the King and Queen are killed, Princess Hilda takes the thrown.
- Yuga opens the void between Dimension: E/1 and E/2, creating YugaRealm for easy access between the worlds.

2 A.D.
- Ganondorf begins plotting to take Hyrule.

3 A.D.
- The boy without a Fairy, Link, is called to the Great Deku Tree to begin his quest.
- Link is given a Fairy named Navi, and the two begin their quest to save Hyrule.
- Link is given the Merging Bracelet by Ravio, unaware of its powers.
- Yuga and Ganondorf form an alliance to take Hyrule and Lorule for themselves.
- Link meets Princess Zelda and is given the Ocarina of Time.
- Link trapped in a painting by Yuga, escapes using the Merging Bracelet.
- Using the Merging Bracelet, Link travels to Lorule and meets Princess Hilda.
- Link travels back to Hyrule.
- Link draws the Master Sword and is kept in the Sacred Realm for seven years.
- Link returns to his childhood by the Ocarina of Time, and is left by Navi.
- Majora's Mask is stolen from the man in purple by Skull Kid.
- Link travels into the Lost Woods to find Navi, and gets the Ocarina of Time and his horse stolen by Skull Kid.
- Link chases Skull Kid to Termina.
- Link takes the Ocarina of Time back from Skull Kid and uses it to repeat a three day cycle to prevent the moon from crashing.
- The Moon crashes into the land, killing all its residents - the three day cycle is reset.
- Link awakens the power of the Fierce Deity and uses it to defeat Majora, returning the Mask to the man in purple.
- Link goes back to Hyrule, and Skull Kid is freed from Majora's power.

10 A.D.
- Link, who is now an adult, travels back and forth from Hyrule to Lorule to defeat Ganondorf and Yuga.
- Link defeats Ganondorf and Yuga, and Princess Zelda and Hilda return him to his childhood using the Ocarina of Time.
- Fierce Deity breaks into the Sacred Realm again and kills Ganondorf.

79 A.D
- I am here, let me guide you... into the light
- Pompeii burns because of malfunctioning Elf tech inside Mt Vesuvius.

- The Yanme'e (Drones) are enslaved by the Covenant.

- The Covenant discover the Kig-Yar (Jackals/Skirmishers), who recognise them as a superior power, and agree to ally with them.

- First sighting of mysterious white flash in England (Apollo will appear in Lost patrol so this is it for now.)

- Cap'n Sabree rises to power as the most feared pirate of the 18th century

- Cap'n Sabree discovers Jeff's hiding place and joins forces
- Jeff uses his immortality device to make the Cap'n never age

- The Titanic crashes, driver claims to be distracted by a flash in the distance

- A young woman in London claims she has been followed by a man in white armor, who watched her from atop buildings.
- A murderer found dead on top of a townhouse two days later.

- ATLAS first created to develop a time machine
- ATLAS begines work on there first time machine

- ATLAS's half built time machine is destroyed before it is completed
- WW2 begins
- ATLAS is forgotten

- A tall man in white armor is spotted atop a building in New York City.

- The man in white armor is spotted again in rural Switzerland.

- The man in white armor is spotted for a final time, beating a murderer to death in rural Mississippi.
- When the police persue, he vanishes into thin air - all that is left is a strange symbol.

- ATLAS is re-born by Qaz.
- Qaz hires Jason-101, a top scientist, to develop a time machine using Elven tech.
- Jeff recruits Zarry, a top scientist to spy on Jason-101.

- Qaz employs Jabba, Steve and Nato to help Jason-101.

- The future is waiting for you.
- The events of Project: V.O.R.T.E.X take place.
- Zarry attacks Jason-101's base.
- Project: V.O.R.T.E.X is activated for the first time.
- In an alternate universe, ATLAS-N attempts to escape through their version of Project Vortex. However, the portal is destroyed during their evacuation, and as a result they are flung not only through time, but across dimensions as well.
- Zarry captures Steverson.
- Jeff enters Project: V.O.R.T.E.X and invades 2552.
- Don't be afraid.

- ATLAS dies out.

-Humanity begins colonising other planets in its solar system.

- The Unggoy (Grunts) surrender to the Covenant, and are incorporated into the union.

- The most feared villain, Apollo is captured then minutes later he broke out.
- The V.O.R. (Vortex Opening Remote) is created.

- The original ORION Project is first initiated. Poor results and lack of funds force the Office of Naval Intelligence to put the project on hold. The five surviving test subjects were reintegrated into active service but all died within a year from unknown causes.

- In the far reaches of this universe a Ancient Ai is reactivated by a quantum broadcast within 9nth dimensional space.
- The facility initiates lock down protocols. DAR_AI-4 is forcibly deactivated.
- The facility begins broadcast protocol and begins broadcasting on interagetory frequency waves. Meanwhile the facility is locked down.
- Humanity establishes its first colony outside of its own solar system, on a planet called Reach.

- The inner colonies of humanity are well under development, with humans now inhabiting over 200 planets.

- A human colony is established on the planet Harvest.

- The first signs of Insurrectionist activity are observed in UNSC-controlled space.

- Clown Base Med-centre is created by ONI in the ruins of Jason-101's Laboratory

- Human-inhabited space now encompasses more than 800 planets, with Reach serving as the main shipyards and naval training region for the UNSC.

- The second iteration of the ORION Project (retroactively referred to as the Spartan-1 program), is re-initiated.

- The Jiralhanae (Brutes) are discovered by the Covenant, and are forced to submit, becoming the final species to join the alliance.

- The Eridanus Rebellion against the UNSC - the genesis of the movement that would later become known simply as the Insurrection - begins.

- The Original Free Gelida Coalition is stamped out.
- The Rift is opened. The Disiran Wave begins to spread.
- The neutron star in Cygna cluster system 398502718 starts broadcasting a unknown signal.

- A new generation
- Project ORION (AKA the Spartan-1 program) is deactivated. Though the subjects are effective, their abilities fall short of original expectations, and they are far too expensive to develop and field. The surviving soldiers are reassigned to various special operations units.

2552 (The events of reach are different in the MV Timeline. Wile the UNSC still lost they put up a far greater fight and slaughtered the covenant Armada. The Covenant only won the battle due to sheer numbers with there ships numbering in the thousands, unlike reach in the cannon timeline this is overall a strategic defeat for the Covenant as they lost far more then they gained from taking Reach. This will come up later and plays into the far more disorganized remnants before Rocar)
(All flood related events must be moved below this data)
- CC Browning joins ATLAS
- Many of the surviving Spartan-2's are sent to Reach, and planning commences for an operation to infiltrate Covenant territory and capture their leadership to force a ceasefire. However, these plans are abandoned when the Covenant locate and attack Reach.
- The UNSC and Covenant clash in a massive battle above Reach. The Covenant were hoping for a quick and decisive military victory with relatively low losses. Instead they lost warships by the hundreds chinking away at Reaches defenses. Due to the Covenants ineffective offensive multiple UNSC warships that otherwise would have perished escaped the battle intact.
- The events of Halo Reach take place.
- The Covenant, with heavy losses in both the space and ground theaters finally managed take the planet. Due to the Covenant being hole-fully unprepared to counter the growing advancements in the UNSC's Armaments multiple key personnel and officers escaped the planet along with valuable research and development projects.
- Halo CE, Halo ODST, and Halo 2 take place.
- Seeding discordance occurs. Covenant officers and Ship Masters are seen openly violating the holy construct and seeking out unsanctioned improvements to there armaments.
- Bravo 21 fights on the Ark’s surface until the war ends.
- The Great Schism occurs between the Covenant species.
- A Forerunner ship bearing the Prophet of Truth arrives on Earth, commencing the events of Halo 3.
- The Grave mind is defeated.
- In an act of insight the Grave Mind recalls its own denunciation, knowing that eventually the flood will return, the Grave Mind finds no reason not to pursue an interest. Knowing the possibilities that could arise, the Grave mind recreates and launches the secondary consensus mind from long ago; away from the believed doomed installation towards a unknown gravitational field believing it to be a forerunner arc ship.
- ONI observes the strange flood pods path, under orders from central command they do not destroy it. They wonder what they could do with the flood if they could control them. ONI's R&D Branch begins investigating Covenant technology's involving the flood.
- Tthe death of Truth.
- The Ark is damaged, Master Chief goes into cryo sleep in deep space
- The Battle of the Ark takes place, bringing the Human-Covenant war to an end.
- The Revolution form after the collapse of The Covenant Empire.
- With his Covenant masters gone, Ormentus strikes off on his own, gathering allies and seizing supplies. He and his supporters retreat to the outer edges of inhabited space, forming the Harvester faction.
- New heavily specialized advanced fighters and bombers are produced to effectively increase the growing gap in technology.

- The flood pod arrives on Cygna Prime smack down in the middle of the second colony.
- The flood pod is destroyed. The flood form escaped the pod before its destruction.
- During a ceremony presided over by Lord Hood, a monument is erected in the Kenyan Savannah near Mount Kilimanjaro to officially mark the end of the Human-Covenant war, and in remembrance of those who gave their lives in the war.
- General Grant launches a request into the colonization of Cygna Prime. Captain Arnold Benedict of Colonial affairs takes up the call and begins looking into the effects that proceeded.
- Zep 'Ktorshkv a previously up and coming Sangheili Commander, is elected into the role of Arbiter by the more fanatical and loyalist Sangheili. Thel adamantly disapproves but accepts Zep to mediate tensions between his people.
- A flood outbreak begins on Cygna Primes second colony.
- Thousands parish and the flood are beaten back. The Flood form claims a host, it is disgusted by its own actions but believes the sacrifices of the humans was necessary to start a new.
- The flood outbreak ends. All surviving flood remain in the ruins of the now destroyed colony. UNSC forces quarantine the area.
- The Inibitinary Mind begins to experiment and evolve.
- ONI begins to theorize the possibility of using the flood super cells to change the human genome. They begin experimenting with flood bio chemicals that were gathered from samples created during the first outbreak. They come to the conclusion that a piece of the puzzle is missing. They begin to search for the missing link.
- General lougin, with the assistance of the Intelligence flagship Dimata is able to identify an advanced flood form growing beneath the now destroyed second colony on Cygna Prime. They turn there focus to capturing this super flood. A specialized task force is derived to carry out the task of capturing and containing it.
- ONI sends multiple strike teams into the Quarantine zone to extract flood for research in there sick twisted experiments. The Inibitinary Mind is unaware of the disappearance of flood forms.
- ONI's specialized Black Ops strike team is eliminated as the flood presence within the lost colony is far more severe then initial scans showed. The Inibitinary mind is enraged by its failure to notice some of its flood missing. It begins to devise a offensive in response to the attack carried out by ONI.
- Jul 'Mdama establishes his Covenant Remnant, and resumes hostilities against humanity and the newly-formed Swords of Sanghelios.
- The Covenant Remnant are severely divided and understrength. Jul 'Mdama is not taken seriously by multiple leaders who instead strike out on there own.
- Nal Daldric strikes out on his own in search for Glory.
- Nrtak 'Nercazd is one such leader, striving off with a group of elite Covenant solders and becoming guns for higher. Eventually forming into the Death seekers.
- Bravo 21 are integrated into the Spartan IV program.
- The first graduates of the Spartan-IV program enter service.

- UNSC Forces commanded by General Ross are sent in force to clear out the second colony on Cygna Prime. This is a front for another ONI strike team to attempt capture of the growing super flood beneath the city. The Inibitinary Mind, in response, pulls all the flood forms to the center of the colony. ONI's strike team is halted and forced to retreat.
- Grant, along with Fennec come to the conclusion that SOC needs to be more autonomous then they already are. They pull strings and clearance codes to commission a special warship to be built utilizing the dizzying array of specialized technology's. Designs are drawn up and ran by the Operators. (Move with timeline events on Phantom Ships.)
- The Inibitinary mind hatches from the massive cocoon beneath the city, it is in-fused with machinery. The super flood rally's the other flood to it. It observes the mindless flood forms before it and selects 3 others to begins there evolutionary course. Slowly removing them from its direct control by cutting them off from the consensus. They three forms slowly begin to create there own minds and personality's. They are named Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary.
- Kestral, and Grant undertake a lengthy selection process to determine who should helm SOC's new flag ship to replace the aging Zephier. Eventually they select Captain Denozo to helm there new vessel.
- The Equilibrium's construction begins. Along with it a support fleet of specialized vessels are also commissioned, drawn up and submitted for construction.
- ONI catches wind to the emergence of the Super Flood form and are shocked at its evolution. ONI's main goal in this endeavor is adjusted accordingly to now acquire a DNA sample of the Flood form in hopes that it will advance there own means of improving the human race. The super flood exceeds its designation. ONI classifies this new flood form as an Over Mind. It is deemed a threat to the human race. This allows ONI to commit a large offensive forces to the Quarantine Zone.
- Jim Branson joins the marine corps, eager to live up to the reputation of his famous father. Having had difficulty finding gainful employment elsewhere, his sister Anya takes inspiration from his decision, and enrolls in the Spartan-4 program.
- Vilified by his wife for his children's decisions, and having already been pressured to return to active duty by his former comrades, Bradford Branson sees this as the last straw, and reluctantly rejoins the UNSC.
- At some point during this year, Jul 'Mdama's Covenant discover the location of Requiem, though they are unable to gain entry.
- Nal 'Daldric hijacks a UNSC cruiser and leads raids on UNSC colony's.

- The SOC Equilibrium clears construction as one of the UNSC's most advanced combat craft. The Equilibrium is bristling with a massive array of new advanced technology's. Sporting Six Specially designed, hybrid beam rail emitters.
- Arbiter Zep is generally ignored by the Swords of Sangheilios. Feeling under appreciated and, he turns outward and broadens his horizons.
- Another Headhunters team consisting of Jason-397 and Mark-017 are sent to Sigma-Bravo. The team disappears shortly after arriving.
- Nal' Daldric works with Wotr ‘Ndashin for a short wile before overthrowing the Ship Master and stealing his warship the Vallacon. Nal's *** reputation starts to grow.

- The ATLAS-N group crash land on earth. They are initially arrested by the ONI Oversight division, but the division director, Agent Quandary, eventually decides that they're harmless and lets them go free.
- During their explorations of this strange future world, ATLAS 2 encounter a scholar named Damien Werth, who tells them many of the galaxy's legends regarding space/time travel.
- The ATLAS-N survivors spend the next few months traversing the known universe, investigating these legends, and stockpiling various Forerunner and Covenant technologies. As time passes, a schism forms within a group - while most still seek to return to their home universe, a splinter cell breaks off from the main group, deciding to make the best of their fresh start in this new universe.
- The main faction of ATLAS-N arrive on Gelida and begin searching for the three mythical weapons said to be hidden there. They find nothing, however, and instead begin construction of The Window.
- Multiple Post Covenant mini factions have established themselves and are raining terror in the Out Rim systems of the UNSC. The UNSC locked in guerrilla warfare aginsted the Remnants are unable to properly deal with the multiple sub groups. Now sporting maliciously deadly craft.
- ONI begins development of a smaller, more efficient and less costly shield system. They hope to have working prototypes by the end of the year.
- Admiral J.H Sabree and DBMAN learn about Jeff
- Admiral J.H Sabree and DBMAN leave the UNSC
- Admiral J.H Sabree and DBMAN found The Resistance Taskforce
- Arbiter Zep calls into question the frailty of the Sword's governing order. He claims that the swords are but puppets to the UNSC and that Thel is there puppet master.
- Traction builds aginsted Arbiter Thel.

- Wile ONI didn't achieve there goal by years end they were close. Completing it immediately afterwards.
- Manufacturing of the much smaller and cheaper shield system went into full effect. Due to market competition the price of this new technology was relatively low meaning anyone who could afford a decent sized freighter could probably add one onto there reactor.
- Newly formed Fireteam Whiplash consisting of Spartans Green-082, Charlie, Sabree, CC, Boo and CMA participate in several skirmishes against the covenant remnant.
- “Unyielding Fury” takes place.
- The ATLAS remanent travel through time and meet a squad of marines
- Resistance Taskforce meet up with the old ATLAS and they escape to a peninsular
- Jeff invades. The only survivors are Jeff, Nato, DBMAN, Wotr' and the two Sabrees
- Jeff escapes by using a Fancy Stone and travels to Gelida in another reality
- Project: V.O.R.T.E.X ends
- The Legend of Sabree begins
- DBMAN and the Admiral are extracted by Carileta
- Carileta puts them in front of a firing squad for deserting. They are rescued by ccbrowning and ATLAS
- Wotr' plans to invade clown base
- Cap'n Sabree finds Steve, Jeff's long-lost brother, and the time blade is resurrected
- DBMAN and Sabree are split up
- DBMAN meets GreenSpartan's ATLAS
- Clown Base invaded by ATLAS, Wort' and Cap'n Sabree
- Death of Cap'n Sabree
- Death of Carl Reach
- Admiral-Sabree erased from existence, creating a dimensional rip: a way to travel across dimensions
- The Legend of Sabree ends
- The Kig-Yar Zhix for some unknown reason ran away from her nest. Shortly after she was Incredulously allowed to join the covenant remnant despite her lack of any military training an age. (Don't at me on there race. I have no fracking clue, nest is the right term though)
- The events of The Quarantine Zone take place.
- The events of the Quarantine Zone catch the eye of Atlas-D in there home Universe. They have been monitoring the rupture for some time now. In fear that the Flood on Cygna will escalate things, Nato Greavesy moves forward with Operation Spear-head and orders David (DBman) Branson to enter the MV with Defanium Schism Six and set up a forward base for the Expeditionary Force.
- The First Battle of Requiem and the other events of Halo 4 take place.
- At the request of his old friend, Zaal 'Varim, Yhil Gzared travels to Gelida to help supervise the original Super Flood experiment. Pleased by the success, he leaves the planet and returns to his own experiments.
- The events of Those Two Guys take place.
- General Blight, having been left for dead on the battlefield, is found by a scouting team and taken to a medical ship in orbit to recover from his injuries.
- Atlas-D sets up a base on Cygna and monitors the rupture and fracture. It has become clear that something is at play here.
- At some point, the corpse of the Flood responsible for the death of Jim and Carlos’ team is discovered by the Covenant Remnant on Gelida, and used as a primary test subject in their “Super Flood” experiment, in a decommissioned UNSC base.
- The Inibitinary mind now free of the Colony launches a offensive towards ONI forces on Cygna Prime. The surviving Evolutionary Flood fight fiercely to free captured forms from ONI's hidden facility's. The Over Mind sets its goals on taking a UNSC vessel and fleeing Know sentient inhabited space. ONI initiates a no fly zone on the planet to stop it from spreading.
- Zhix is sent to the "Remnant" station Faulty Negotiations. A disorganized mess of an installation, home to rife raff and ran by the Remnant off branch Revolution. Zhix was put into a monitoring role, in which she was generally ignored.

- The Unknown Patrol takes place. (wile the comic needs a redo its still cannon)
- UNSC forces raid the main base of the Covenant Remnant, seizing the “Super Flood” test subjects and technologies and transporting them to a new, secure location.
- On earth, General Blight becomes the focus of a UNSC investigation into the events from the previous year.
- ONI dispatches a team to Gelida to more closely monitor the situation.
- On the "Remnants" Station Faulty Negotiations Zhix convinced multiple other Kig-Yar and Unggoy to sneak aboard a and take control of an old Covenant Corvette, the Sither. The Sither was able to leave the station relatively unhindered do to simply disregard of the vessel.
- The events of Crossfire transpire.
- General Z19 is demoted, leaving Gelida without a commanding UNSC officer.
- The events of Halo 5 occur.
- Jul ‘Mdama is killed and the Battle of Sunaion takes place, leaving the Covenant Remnant forces still on Gelida without direction or support.
- With the fall of Jul's Covenant, the Harvesters - who had been steadily building up their weaponry and fleet strength by raiding isolated, vulnerable convoys and colonies - face a sudden, welcome influx of new recruits and resources.
- The Reclamation begins.
- The surviving “Super Flood” return to the place of their creation, the abandoned base that would later come to be known as “The Necropolis”.
- The Inibitinary Mind, unable to leave Cygna Prime and fully aware of the time distortions and the coming storm shifts its focus to helping the other flood to evolve beyond there normal constraints. The flood begin to grow Biomass to harvest into new flood forms. Intelligence in the horde rises.
- ONI is finally able to gain a DNA sample of the Inibitinary Mind. Combined with other data they have, they are able to formulate a serum that theoretically would change human DNA. Resulting in extremely strong and powerful human begins with intense regeneration.
- General Lougin is so confident it the research that he volunteers to be the test subject. The test is successful. Lougins DNA is greatly enhanced with presumed zero downsides.
- ONI learns that they can not synthesis the Inibitinary Minds DNA meaning they need to either capture and harvest it directly or acquire the rest of the flood data and combine there knowledge to finish the equation and synthesis the serum on there own.
- Atlas-D enters the greater picture and try's to minimize collateral damage caused by interferers.
- Jim and Carlos part ways, the latter leaving the army, while the former is promoted to lead a fireteam of his own.
- The one-armed man known only by the codename “Relict” arrives on Gelida with his team of mercenaries, and begins investigating the remnants of the “Super-Flood” experiment.
- With the UNSC demanding an explanation for the Crossfire incident, ONI directs blame onto General Blight, adding numerous charges to the ongoing investigation. He is formally charged with high treason, and a lengthy trial begins.
- ONI devises a plan to reacquire the flood research conducted by the covenant. The ONI Intelligence flag ship Dimata is sent to Gelida and orbits the planet. General Lougin takes temporary control of the ONI operations planet side and orders Marcos to send a squad of solders to the deserted now flood controlled Necropolis.
- The events of Necropolis take place.
- During the events of the Necropolis the Dimata uses advanced orbital scanners to get detailed information about the flood research, they cover there tracks by simply pointing out that they were not involved in the destruction of the base.
- UNSC Command has bigger issues to deal with and overlooks ONI's actions.
- Generals Fergusson and Branson are sent to Gelida to reassert UNSC control.
- The remaining “Super Flood” migrate to the planet’s frozen regions.
- Project Corviks enters its later stages of development. Now fully capable of linking and transmitting memory's. Thanks to Corviks and Project Reclamation it is possible to be in a sort of way immortal. General Daren Blight is one of fifteen members placed into the program.
- Zhix with the Sither arrived in the system Gienah Cygni too meet with Rocar Empara. Who imparted on the young Kig-Yar wisdom to help her on her own path.

- The Banished/UNSC conflict on the Ark takes place, as shown in Halo Wars 2.
- ONI makes a power play for the Inibitinary Mind. There attempt fails but instead they managed to capture a mass amount of growing flood forms.
- An attempt is made on the Arbiter Thel's life. Disgusted he calls Zep out on the attack. Likewise Zep is insulted that Thel would suggest he would order such an assassination. Tensions are strained further between the two wile Thel hunts down the one who ordered his assassination.
- Zhix's Sither has gained notoriety in the outer systems for its ship raids. Wile the Sither primarily only targets cargo vessels it has become a thorn in the UNSC's side, Its long range beam emitters making it particularly dangerous for Cap ship engagements.
- Zhix having amassed a large supply of valuable materials, trades everything to a Jiralhanae Ship Mistress Sapeeus for a small crystalline device.
- Lougin devices a plan to capture the Inibitinary Mind. Using its enhanced being of self aginsted it. Johnson Frank is tasked with overseeing the missions success.

- After his defeat on Installation 00, Atriox travels to Gelida in search of the fabled “Rift Sabre”, a powerful weapon forged by an unknown, now-extinct civilisation.
- Oni Scientist Marry Sullivan begins to investigate Sigma-Bravo.
- Rocar 'Empara declares himself in command of the covenant resistance and begins rallying all to his cause. The Corilan is born. Wile many of the former Covenant leaders ignore him much in the same vain as they did Jul. Rocar actively hunts them down and personally recruits them into the Corilan, if they refuse they are exterminated.
- Arbiter Zep, in the wake of the Corilan challenged Thel and his leadership, offering his sword to Rocar. Thel was shortly there after forced to flee Sangheilios, as many of his race held the very same sentiment that Zep challenged Thel with some years back.
- Thel rallied the Swords of Sangheilios that still held to there alliance with the UNSC and regrouped in the Polaris System.
- Nrtak was now know as Death Seeker Nercazd. Rocar approached the Death Seekers bringing with him information on the scattered remains of the Matreyark. The Death Seekers joined the Corilan and Nercazd set out to track down and rebuild his masterpieace. This time with plans to improve on the original scarab design.
- UNSC Dispatched the Frigate CapCom and the Crusier Mitigation to destroy the Sither.
- Qolum 'Thirra and Mortem 'Evollo join Rocar's Corilan. Mortem, in turn, reaches out to Varn 'Doram, who he'd had prior dealings with.
- The Inibitinary Mind after strenuous work creates a successful flood colony on the far side of Cygna Prime.
- The Sither engages the CapCom and Mitigation in the System Tau Valentes. The Sither annihilates the Warships fighter and bomber escort and executes an in system jump to immediately flank the warships and tear them apart. Zhix wants it to be abundantly clear they brought it on themselves.
- ATLAS-N complete their work on The Window, and use it to covertly spy on the ATLAS 1 group.
- The events of The Raid take place.
- In the chaos of a bungled robbery, a family friend named Burton kills Emilia, the mother of Carlos and Marco. Carlos emerges from his self-enforced retirement to hunt Burton down.
- Distraught by the loss of his wife, Lucio Giuseppe is easily recruited into Relict’s schemes, with the promise of ensuring that the rest of his family will be given eternal life.
- The ONI Oversight Division launches an inquiry of their own into the ongoing situation on Gelida. Concerned that the division may have been infiltrated by an ally of Relict, agent Amy Meridian travels to Gelida to investigate in person.
- Arbiter Zep on the behest or Rocar is sent to Cygna Prime to activate the first radiant spire.
- The events of Resurgence take place.
- The events of Recall take place.

- ONI finishes there Flood serum. Despite the setbacks they believe there dream of controlling the flood can still be achieved.
- ONI makes a bold deal with the Inibitinary Mind. A trade, it for the rest of the flood on the grounds that they will leave the flood colony on Cygna alone. It agrees to ONI's deal and the trade is made. Primary takes control of the flood horde on Cygna, and converts the other forms into the new Flood evolution.
- Primary, despite warnings by the Inibitinary mind intends to grow a Grave mind intelligence.
- Wolf of SOC is sent to Gelidea by Fennec to gather intel on the circumstances that lead to the Raid. With the SOC Overseers advanced scanners he watches the events of Turning point, (Comic: Remember Who You Were)
- Turning Point takes place.
- With the Events of Turning Point have come and passed, SOC is tasked with ending the Gelida crisis.
- Wolf reports the death of Branson too Fennec who informs Grant.
- Grant morns the loss of his friend. Kestral is taken aback by how much Bradford's death has effected him. Grant becomes distant and withdrawn.
- Grant seeing that the UNSC needs him now more then ever, puts on a strong face and barriers his grief.
- Fireteam Destiny arrives on Sigma-Bravo.
- “Story of a Madman” takes place.
- Wolf identifies Relict as the scientist who created the Mechanica project and wants revenge. He goes rouge.
- With Relict presumed dead, Lucio Giuseppe takes over his remaining forces, asserting his own agenda over the original plans of the group.
- General Blight’s trial continues, but thanks to a team of skilled lawyers hired by Lucio, the charges are dropped and he returns to Gelida.
- At the same time, Lucio recruits Damien Werth, a historian and archaeologist who specializes in the technology and mythology of ancient stellar civilizations.
- Shortly after the events of Turning Point General Grant orders a meeting between all surviving UNSC Commanders.
- Kestral is sent to find wolf and bring him back.
- A few weeks after Turning Point concludes, Circle of Vengeance begins.
- The meeting of the minds takes, UNSC Commanders discuss the growing problems of the UNSC and attempt to develop a strategy to resolve these issue.
- Circle of Vengeance concludes.
- With Lucio Giuseppe dead, his company is closed down, and the assets are divided up by squabbling stockholders. Without his factories to produce weapons and equipment, many of the settlements and bases in the outer colonies find themselves short on supplies.
- As a direct result of this, the UNSC officially withdraws all personnel and support from Gelida.
- lost in the snow begins.
- Kestral tracks wolf across the frozen plains of Gelida to a long since forgotten UNSC base. Wolf beats Kestral down and warns him not to follow.
- Kestral breaks a promise.
- Marco Giuseppe and his lieutenant Elizabeth Maxwell are officially declared rogue agents. ONI begins taking steps to arrest/assassinate them.
- ONI's Black Operations Flagship Nataoss enters the Gelida system and orbits Gelida VII.
- Lougin watches the events unfold from his ship. Determining if he should act or not. He concludes not to act.
- The ONI Oversight division bring their mobile base - a unique vessel codenamed the "Haven Curator" - into orbit around Gelida. Captain Gena Grey and engineer Angi Meridian make preparations to head to the surface.
- Zero Hour begins.
- 27th blades are sent in to deal with Marcos and his second. Z-19 of the blades questions his role in ONI.
- 27th blades encounter fierce resistance from the flood forms down on the planet. Z-19 of the blades turns on his fellow solders and leaves them to the horde disappearing into the mountains.
- Agent Quandary takes Elizabeth Maxwell, Seth Blight, and Julien Vex into custody, locking them on board the Haven Curator until they can be interrogated.
- At the same time, Angi, Amy, and Jim try to figure out a way to get Carlos back.
- With alien forces beginning to consolidate themselves, and rumours of an impending attack on Antares, General Grant sends ODST Commander Greer to find Jim Branson.
- The Blackhand, now operating as a recruiter of sorts for Mortem and the Corilan, brings Yhil 'Gzared and Zaal 'Varim into the fold.
- Carlos, Marco, and Shade emerge from the portal and find themselves in the Timeless Plains.
- Tangent begins.
- Jim reluctantly leaves for Antares Prime, bringing Vex and Blight with him.
- Unknown parties change the course of history ever so slightly.
- Carlos returns from the Timeless Plains, clearly traumatised by his experiences there. Unbeknownst to him or his allies, a mysterious woman has followed him back to his world.
- Shortly after his return, Carlos experiences a strange dream (comic: Psychosis), wherein he receives an ominous warning, and a strange knife that follows him wherever he goes.
- After being closed down earlier in the year, G-Corp is unexpectedly revived in December, now managed by Jeremiah Maxwell, one of the former stockholders in the company. However, the company no longer has access to its contracts with the UNSC, and is forced to make trade deals with... less scrupulous parties.
- Rocar Empara calls on the Kig-Yar Zhix for assistance. He asks her to pay back his contributions and in return he will help her recover the remaining Data strings to fully decrypt the Crystallin device. Zhix adamantly joins, however she is not confident about participating in large engagements.
- Arbiter Zep is called back to the Corilan in preparation for the assault on Antares.
- The Reclamation begins.
- The First Spire is raised in the Cygna System. Spartan Jason397 gives into his rage and anger at the death of his squad mate Roke, bending reality in his fight aginsted the Will of Atriox.
- A massive blue and purple warship drops out of orbit on Earth and smashes into the planet. The warship is able to lift itself from the crash and jump away.
- The events of Ghosts of the Past takes place.
- The Reclamation is set in motion, ending (the Comic) Reclamation.
- Outpost Haven is handed over to Captain Carlson as General Ross and the main task force are brought to Antares.
- Throughout the year General Grant has been rallying UNSC forces to the system of Antares. Seeing clearly that the Corilan is preparing to strike down the UNSC stronghold in a bid to crush the UNSC entirely and force her colonies into rebellion.
- Grant is stressed out, seeing himself as one of the few things holding the UNSC together. Fennec warns him that holding his problems in will only cause problems. He assures her that once the UNSC wins he won't have to hold anything back anymore.

- The Return of Nato Greavesy begins
- Death of Spartan John-117 and Thel 'Vadam at the hands of Jeff on the planet Gelida (in an alternate universe)
- An alternate Carlos travels to the Mega-Verse
- ATLAS 1 travels to Nato's head
- ATLAS 1 and a squad of Alt-ATLAS units lead by GreenSpartan082 meet at the Geledian Marsh
- LishaThorne Rebels against her fellow ATLAS troops, killing GreenSpartan
- RoeBuck, RuCat and JER0ME join Lisha and ATLAS 1
- Arby morphs into Jeff. The doom returns
- Death of JER0ME
- Death of RuCat
- Jeff, ATLAS, Nato and Lisha Thorne leave Nato's head and travel to the Mega-Verse
- ATLAS base found and secured by ONI
- Jeff arrives at Area 51, Nevada, where the Defanium Schism is kept
- Code: Green begins
- Timothy Wolf and Green Spartan are taken into ONI custody by Overseer Robin
- Jeff obtains Gauntlets of Drathu, Time Blade and fake-Defanium Schism
- Robin hires mercenary Jonathan to hunt down ATLAS
- Jonathan joins ATLAS
- Robin gets Tim to develop a new super-suit
- Jeff learns about location of the real Defanium Schism
- ATLAS, ONI and Jeff all arrive at Lance base for different reasons
- Jeff obtains the Crystal Key
- ONI falls back to Area 51
- ATLAS arrive in Dimension: X, the Elven prison realm
- Code: Green ends
- Trials of CC Browning begins
- ONI's ATLAS armour completed
- “Just Gold” takes place.
- A small UNSC Outpost know as Espilion Base begins to be built.
- I am your Pariah, I alone will guide you through the sand.
- Jim questions Vex about his role in the first Battle of Antares, hoping to gain some insight that will help him in the battle to come. Instead, he finds himself questioning if his father was really the kind of man he'd always thought he was.
- Carlos decides to travel to Antares to help Jim, but the ship that was going to take him there is destroyed by the same mysterious woman who followed him back from the Timeless Plains.
- Spartan 3 Jason-397 is discovered frozen in the Antarctic Region of Sigma-Bravo.
- Fireteam Whiplash consisting of Spartans Green-082, Charlie, Sabree, CC, Boo, Diesel, DB and Delta-444 are stationed on Sigma-Bravo.
- Times Collide begins.
- Epsilon base begins to be upgraded.
- Events of “Whiplash” take place.
- Lost In the Snow concludes.
- The planet is plunged into an Ominous predicament as the Enigmatic Free Gelidea Coalition levy for control of the planet aginsted a massive, ever growing Flood Horde.
- The Haven Curator departs from Gelida's orbit, leaving the planet officially, completely abandoned by humanity.
- The FGC quickly take full control of the planet and officially claim it under there control. The FGC begins production of an installation.
- Lost in the Snow: Causatum takes place.
- The Vault of Souls is partially opened, using a backdoor built by the Forerunners. The resulting disruption to the balance of nature sends a wave of unnatural energy sweeping across the cosmos... awakening something that has slumbered for millennia.
- Nal 'Daldric is conscripted into the Corilan for the Assault on Antares.
- Atlas-D establishes a base on Antares disguised as UNSC personnel to monitor the events of the coming war.
- Events of “Revolution” take place.
- The Revolution’s Flagship arrives at Sigma-Bravo.
- Varn 'Doram manages to convince the Harvesters to ally with the Corilan forces preparing to besiege Antares.
- Events of “Espilion” take place.
- Events of Calm Before the Storm take place.
- The Battle of Antares begins. (*** tone of events will be added after Antares. I may add some in-between)
- In the Light of the Red Star unfolds. The UNSC clashes with the first wave of the Covenant Armada.
- Events of “Forgotten” take place.
- The battle of Antares ends. (This is a place holder)
- The events of the Gone take place
- Jason's team is sent to an ONI dead zone with the Master Chief in charge of Section Zero. They are forced to fight for there lives against a ONI super power.

- The collapse (This is no longer cannon, information has been yeeted)
- After collapse Info on systems and faction powers
- Jason397a comic the Collapse begins (knowing the basic plot it can be adapted)

2573 (subject to change) (Dose the Tenembra need to be so color dramatic? I think size will be enough Hugh. NAH)

- The Tenembra Will RISE AGAIN

- When the light goes out, there is only darkness.
- Live with your actions.

- Unknown

- The universe ends

- This is but the begging, and the beginning is but a means to an end -

- All things must come to an end, for them to begin again... -

One Future
- The Wounderer will meet with the Elven Magistrate at the Gleaming City of Celestis. A choice will have to be made.
- Do not fear my child, the time has come, your actions will define you -

- this spot here has updated multiple times. Did anyone notice?

- Ascension, cold clamorous dissidence. Irrelevancy. Do you not see it? Speak it or hear it, speak at it? Will you stand there with me? Will you not go, when things must fall? What is it that drives you to your place. I fail to understand the simplicity to your implication. Yet I cannot relent it. It is sound and found. So will you walk with me then. To the top of the gleaming tower. Can you stay with me until then? When we all fly away? You will, it is you. You are trapped by it. You might call fate. Lies are the same. Everyone has to play there part, even if its the part nobody wants to play. So reliquary. Stand with me, Let us eviscerate each. May we draw, and may We both fade...

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Oh boy, I hate to throw a spanner in the works, so to speak but what about characters in some of our universes? E.G: there is an Admiral-Sabree in my as well as in Nato's series and they look completely different (Nato's is a yellow and red SPARTAN, mine is from Assassin's Creed) Just as an example. Awkward. Although DBMAN isn't in anyone but my series. Which makes him easy enough.

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Holy Moley! So many things have happened on this site!

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Holy Moley! So many things have happened on this site!
Yup. A very diverse timeline, wouldn't you say, cc?

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Oh boy, I hate to throw a spanner in the works, so to speak but what about characters in some of our universes? E.G: there is an Admiral-Sabree in my as well as in Nato's series and they look completely different (Nato's is a yellow and red SPARTAN, mine is from Assassin's Creed) Just as an example. Awkward. Although DBMAN isn't in anyone but my series. Which makes him easy enough.
simple Brothers (you already set up the sabree family and its huge)!!!!!!!!!! and clones. like Z-19 there all clones (there's 6 in my comic)

also DBman is in my comic hes a red odst with a robot hand and has a sister named Morinth. Your Db is his older bro so if you want some family ties hes got them

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Oh boy, I hate to throw a spanner in the works, so to speak but what about characters in some of our universes? E.G: there is an Admiral-Sabree in my as well as in Nato's series and they look completely different (Nato's is a yellow and red SPARTAN, mine is from Assassin's Creed) Just as an example. Awkward. Although DBMAN isn't in anyone but my series. Which makes him easy enough.
simple Brothers (you already set up the sabree family and its huge)!!!!!!!!!! and clones. like Z-19 there all clones (there's 6 in my comic)

also DBman is in my comic hes a red odst with a robot hand and has a sister named Morinth. Your Db is his older bro
Makes sense. There, however is one problem with the Sabree's... You'll see when I upload the final chapter.

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Nothing important. Move along, soldier.

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