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Tis what happens when ya completely forget about linking each part here.
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Completely forgot upload this, but better like a 2 months late than never.

Unyielding Fury

December 17 2557
2001 Hours
Arcadia Station- Alexandria System

“This is Captain James Thompson, Arcadia Station to all available ships in the vicinity. Scans have indicated large slipspace anomalies just outside of the system”

December 17 2557
2106 Hours
Arcadia Station- Alexandria System
“It’s the dam Covies, they jumped closer past our defences. They’re glassing Alexandria I, oh gosh, they’re at the door” *Thumping can be heard on the door until an explosion sounds and the line goes dead.

December 17 2557
2330 Hours
UNSC Ontario- Battle Group Omega

“Captain, we're picking up a distress call from Arcadia Station, what do you want to do sir”

“Set course for Alexandria I, let’s investigate this.”

“Yes Sir, setting course for Alexandria I, eta three hours”

December 18 2557
0335 Hours
UNSC Ontario- Battle Group Omega
“This is Admiral Roberts, UNSC Ontario, does anyone read me? Darcy open the blast shield”

“Yes Sir”

“I repeat this is Admiral Roberts, UNSC, holly Halo.”
*The blast shield opens to reveal Alexandria I and as well as the remains of dozens of both UNSC and Covenant ships dead in space. Only the Covenant Flagship remains wholly intact.

“This is Captain Anders, UNSC Melbourne, we read you, a little scratchy. Our ships heavily damaged, venting atmosphere, reactors are critical, most of the crew is dead”

“Copy that Anders, what happened here?”

We picked up Arcadia Station’s distress call, we arrived, around an hour ago and where immediately attacked by this group of bastards who call themselves The Revolution. We managed to take a few ships out before we were crippled by their flagship. But that’s where I guess you turned up because they retreated.”

“Sir, the Melbourne is way more equipped than us, if they couldn’t take them out we certainly couldn’t, it would be suicide to attempt an attack”

“Never tell me the odds! Anders I’ve got a risky plan, that’ll probably get us killed.”

“I’m listening”

“First, do you still have any engine power, and weapons.”

“Indeed we’ve only got maneuvering rockets but they’ll do. Weaponry wise we’ve got one MAC slug left.”

“Good when I give the signal get in position and fire your MAC on that ship. Marty, put us on course with that ship, Darcy prepare everything”




“Changing course to intercept”

“Now, fire everything thing, mark!”

“This is Anders, our reactors criti…”

“Anders do you copy?”

“The Melbourne’s gone Sir”

*The smoke clears revealing the ship completely destroyed.
“Shoot, Marty, put us on a collision course with the centre of that ship, set the engines to as fast as possible.”

“Are you crazy, we’ll all die!”

“Do it Lieutenant!”
*The ship lurches forward as the engines fire at full speed.

“We’re taking fire, port side venting atmosphere!”

“Speed this bucket up, full throttle, no limits, get us there as quick as possible.”
*The ship reaches about 100 metres of a collision course with the Flagship.

“Hold onto your butts.”

December 18 2557
0400 Hours
Unyielding Fury Command Deck
“Shipmaster we can’t fire our weapons they’re overheating. Shipmaster”
*The Elite turns to his Shipmaster to see him entering an escape pod which immediately deploys
“We’ve lost contact with the rear of the ship, the human vessel isn’t appearing on our scanners”
“They’ve rammed us, we’re leaking atmosphere, where dead in space.”

The End

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Nice lore pieace. Ramming a covenant warship. Also the honorless shipmates just bailed.

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Dragging out my ritual book here to deliver a message. Doing some recaps on my comic series, I’ll probably have them uploaded Tuesday. May or may not also have something to post on Thursday the 25th ;)

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Why is this being forgetted?

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TheArbiter25 wrote:
Mon Aug 05, 2019 12:16 pm
Why is this being forgetted?
There was a good reason for that.

Now let this thread rest in peace.

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