The Imperial Campaign

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Try and slow down and don't go far ahead and leave us to fill the gaps

Also read from page 117 to now everyone to get caught up.
Well, is it my fault you guys get stuck and don't write the story?

I feel like I'm going to intrude if I hijack Z19's storyline.
Dude, i feel like i'm going to ruin something every time i pipe in with my own thoughts.

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We need Z19

Also don't feel pressured look Waaaaaaay back to my first posts here

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We need Z19

Also don't feel pressured look Waaaaaaay back to my first posts here
I’m here. I assumed you wanted to write the start of Operation: HURRICANE. I can do it if you want.

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We need Z19

Also don't feel pressured look Waaaaaaay back to my first posts here
I’m here. I assumed you wanted to write the start of Operation: HURRICANE. I can do it if you want.
i already kinda started it but it was buried

Page 118 i think I'll let you take the reins

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Alright, I’ll get working on it.

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Alright, I’ll get working on it.
im hyped

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They were supposedly the best.
At least, that is what the man was told.
Someone had also mentioned he'd once seen one tear a Dark Devil Spartan in half with his bear hands.
He was still unfazed though.
He was the best of the best. None could contend with him so far. None would do so in future.
His objective was clear: Eliminate the 9 remaining -> Get paid the bounty -> Retire.

And hunting season had just started , he thought to himself, as he noticed his prey leave slipspace on his radar.

-011 and Angel both got out to refuel, whilst Joker mumbled something about them having a waste disposal system in their suits as he went off, presumably to buy some food or something.
Edgy followed him soon after.

"So, what's new?" -011 ventured at her.

"Nothing much. I did odd jobs here and there to get by."

"Yeah, seems there's quite a market for supersoldier bounty hunters, huh?"


-011 suddenly tensed.
They were being watched. He didn't know why, but something tipped him off subconsciously. Maybe it was that old pelican that just landed. Maybe it was that strange man staring at them -not something uncommon actually- but he felt unnerved.

"I think I'll take you up on your offer for a reststop..." he stated as he left towards the main dock.
Sure enough, the same strange man followed him with his gaze, and slowly started moving towards him.
-011 switched on his comm unit.

"Heads up, there's a guy following me. I'm going to get rid of him."

He very quickly activated his camouflage, disappearing entirely.
The strange man stopped, pulled out something, put it over his face, then continued towards -011, who had left in the opposite direction to where he initially planned.
That man was definitely following him.
Without hesitation, -011 pulled out a Magnum and shot the guy dead.
He never knew what hit him. Or even that he had just passed.
-011 was sure the guy wasn't alone, but he was sure as h3ll not leaving Angel on her own.
Even if he was more than sure that she could hold her own, it was better to not all get lost in a different place.

"Lynxes, regroup at the pelican. Now."

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Tevrys VII—a sparsely populated planet with the sole purpose of ship building for the Devils. All units left in Kallin’s fleet are on standby for attack until Alpha has cleared the “Kraken” main defense system’s control terminal. Located underneath a decoy manufacturing site, the Red Eagle 3rd Special Operations Unit has cleared a path for Alpha to slip into the base undetected via repurposed supply ships fitted to act as dropships. Alpha has been spilt into duos; Z19 and Hex, Endis and CC, and so forth.

Hex and Z19 we’re getting ready in their supply ship. Z19 filled magazines for his SMGs and DMR while Hex ties her long, brown hair into a tail and placed Starfire’s AI chip into a protective slot in her helmet. Z19 broke the silence:

“I’m so ready to get this mission started, the waiting is mind-melting.”

Hex chuckled, “Just don’t lose your chest plate this time.”

Starfire analyzed the distance from the base and concluded they’d be ready for drop in 37 seconds. Alpha would utilize a new technology developed by Dr. Arcadia that could change the appearance of a spartan’s armor via holotech for roughly 2.5 minutes before its power was exhausted. They’d use this tech to change into Devil spartans until they were underground, where they would maintain stealth until no longer possible. The supply ship landed and the two sneaked out and activated their disguises. Z19 couldn’t help but wonder what happened to Doctor Columbus, until he and Hex arrived at the first checkpoint.

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Back at the pelican -011 found the three others.

"Get in, now!" was all he yelled as he ran inside to start it up.

They all followed suit.

"What the heck is going on?" Questioned Edgy.

"I'll explain later, but we need to enter slipspace first."


Angel jumped into the pilots seat as -011 made jump calculations during the lift-off.

"Trip is estimated to take a week. Are we all good?"



"Of course!"

"Here we go."

As the pelican exited the atmosphere, -011 punched in the coordinates.

Another one-man ship followed them through just before the portal closed.

3 days later...

(Note that due to the length of slipspace travel, something we don't usually take into account, Alpha and -011 are pretty much in the same time span again)

The pelican was suddenly, and inexplicably pulled out of slipspace.
They weren't even halfway through the trip.
A planet loomed ahead, and two fleets were squaring it off.
In one fleet was some kind of slipspace jamming ship, only a prototype during the Human-Covenant war (this ship ain't canon BTW).
-011 recognised that fleet as a Dark Devil one. The other, as they neared, was clearly a Red Eagle fleet.
During this, the smaller ship followed them silently through space.

"Where are we?" asked -011.

"Definitely not Tandros IV. This looks like some kind of shipyard planet." answered Angel.

"Land. We're going to help some old friends." reposted -011 as he recognised Kallin's flagship.

"Will do."

"Unidentified vessel, name yourself!"

-011 signalled at the others to remain silent and not make a sound as Angel kept maneuvering through the atmosphere.

"I repeat, identify yourselves?"

Still silent.

"Are you in need of assistance?"

-011 knew full well that they had spotted the Dark Devil insignia on their pelican by now (it was stolen if you don't quite remember the events of a few posts ago).

He shot the comm unit in the pelican suddenly, and shot a quick glance at Angel.

"Make it seem like a crash landing."

She did not disappoint.
As the ground neared, she pulled up only as the pelican's nose was a few meters from the ground, wrecking the rear as it shot up, and then fell back down as the destroyed rear engines provided no additional thrust.

As the left wing smashed into the ground, -011 quickly opened the door to the cockpit and yelled, "Through here, now!"

And then subsequently smashed the cockpit's windshield apart and jumped through, initiating what he called the "getaway jump" maneuver as his thrusters turned on.

Edgy followed soon after, did the same, just as -011 hit the ground and rolled as he landed.
As Edgy landed, Joker 'flew' through the cockpit, pushed by Angel who immediately threw herself out of it too.
They landed a little more disorderly.

The entire evacuation took less than a minute to complete, but as they all took their bearings, they heard the unmistakable sound of the pelican exploding...

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Green and Daniel were paired this mission.

Daniel announced " Drop in 30 seconds get ready.

Daniel pulled out the photograph he had kept for so long and gave it good long look, and then pocketed it.
He placed his tactical magnum in its holster. Green placed his assault rifle on his back and activated his disguise just as the door opened. Daniel had no disguise but his armor had an ONI emblem on it enough for him to get through he thought.

He hoped to put this new stealth armor to the test so while alpha targets the defenses he would go after the security system.

Alpha walked from the large landing pad where the 4 ships had landed at.

Z19 in the front and Daniel in the back of the line through the checkpoint.

OPERATION HURRICANE was ago across the orion arm through UNSC and Devil controlled space.

This part is shorter I know but time is a finite resource at times.

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