The Imperial Campaign: Fallen Empire

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December 12, 2555

Once again, war had been declared. This time, the UNSC joined the fight. It isn’t completely clear why the UNSC abandoned the Red Eagles, but whatever the cause, this wasn’t a war fought with politicians and words.


Another mortar hit the base ceiling. Then yet another. The walls were already overrun with UNSC forces, and now ODST were being deployed. Bombing runs were being made by shortswords, all hėll broke loose.

“Where’s our backup?”

A group of Eagle marines were pinned down in hall G-7. ODST swarmed throughout the base and took out anyone in their way. Their objective was to hack the central data core and find where all of the major Eagle bases were. CC burst through a door as several ODST advanced towards the pinned marines. A knife in one’s throat, 15 SMG rounds in another’s chest, and the last ODST trapped in CC’s grip. A few quick blows led to unconsciousness, and CC cuffed the soldier; they might come in handy later on.

In the central plaza, Red Eagle forces fought off wave after wave of UNSC, seemingly to no avail. Another round of drop pods came in from the sky. The defenders readied themselves, only to find the majority of Alpha hopping out of the pods. A marine captain greeted them:

“Nice to see you, Alpha. Can you help us re-establish connection with the AA turrets? We should be able stop them from dropping pods that way.”

Z19 replied,

“Simple, move out, Alpha!”

The team plowed through the marines with ease, and made it to the control panel. Hex started her work on connecting the AA guns while the others protected. Z19 sighed,

“Ya know, I was hoping we didn’t have to fight these guys, but ya know what? I didn’t think they’d want to solve this diplomatically...”

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Daniel ran from the base to where Z19 stood, Z19! Comms are down they have jammers set up, guys up in the tower spotted armor approaching from down the hill!

This hill was named "Blood hill" the UNSC were slaughtered as they climbed staining the ground blood the siege had gone on for hours now and the machine guns were out of ammunition and the UNSC had broken through.

Daniel handed Z19 a spartan laser he yelled " Take out those tanks before they tear the outer walls to shreds! " I'll get the AA guns back up! "

Z19 quickly nodded and ran to where the outer wall and the entrance gate met,
the eagles had retaken the base but the UNSC still pushed up, Z19 peaked around the corner and quickly dodged back a sniper nearly took his hat off at 100 yards!

Z19 charged the laser this time he crouched peaking lower to the ground the laser fired and hit one of 2 enemy tanks in the turret, ammo racking it and destroying it wiping out a squad and 2 spartans in the explosion.

Another bullet flew past his head and he ducked back in.

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I'll write my part this afternoon.

I have a great idea to explain why the UNSC turned on the Red Eagles.

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I think we should set this about a year after the IC chapter 1.

IC:FE #3 (Blitz part 1)

A lone figure watched from the shadows as a UNSC parade took place.
As it ended, the soldiers and the crowd all saluted one man that was standing on a podium, in the center of it all.

Their salute was familiar.
The figure remembered something about it having been used by a group of people in the 20th century, just over 600 years ago. The same group had tried conquering the world, and committed a genocide of massive proportions.
He'd learnt that when he'd been taught Blitzkrieg tactics to quickly overcome the enemy with an inferior force through sheer speed.
Something he excelled at.

When an opportunity he'd been waiting for arose, he stepped out of the shadows, revealing his Mk. 11 recon configuration, and his 9 feet tall frame.

-004 quickly aimed his sniper rifle and fired, hitting his mark with insane precision.

The crowd scattered and he left, the man on the podium lying in a pool of blood.


The 7 other Warriors waited in a pelican as -004 came back from his assassination.

-011 was reading information on a holo-table with a concentrated frown, whilst Angel sat perpendicularly against him on the bench, watching some news on a holo-pad.
Edgy was chatting casually with -001, cheerfully nicknamed Cold, a female who was around the size of Angel.
-005, Lucky, was attempting to intercept UNSC and ONI transmissions in the cockpit, next to -003, Mischief, who was half-dozing, half looking at the radar.
-006, the foreboding "Beast" was quietly staring straight ahead, hardly blinking, in what could only be called an unnerving stare, as he sat across from -011.
-011 spoke up.

"Let's get a quick summary of the political landscape of our enemy..."

Everyone stopped what they were doing and crowded into the rear cabin.

Lucky chimed in, "From my sources, a coup happened some time last year."

Cold was next.

"It was orchestrated by Ultra-Nationalists..."

"... Who were backed by the Dark Devils."
Finished Mischief.
"They've installed a dictatorship and a segregational system so far-"

Angel interrupted him to add, "And democracy is completely gone. Propaganda is everywhere, they've gotten the popular opinion against the Red Eagles. We're losing."

-008 stepped in.

"The Red Eagles are the last remains of a Democracy that exist. They're vastly outnumbered and out gunned, but their cause is just."

-011 let all of it sink in, then he answered.

"The Eagles have us on their side. The UEG has Dr. Arcadia, amongst a host of other doctors that created us. They're going to make more of us to use against us. It's guaranteed at this point.
We wait for Joker, then we leave a to show the Eagles all of the fruits of our reconnaissance."

They all nodded in approval.

Minutes later, -004 glided in, being pulled by Lucky.

Mischief input the jump calculations and then they left.

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Do you guys mind if i write a little bit for the main story?

Or start a new side story? My current sucks and is too confusing.

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81Ceta_Deta wrote:
Thu Jun 20, 2019 10:32 pm

Do you guys mind if i write a little bit for the main story?

Or start a new side story? My current sucks and is too confusing.

... Main story ?

What Main Story?

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This is a very strong start, and I look forward to reading this chapter.

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Just go ahead and CLICK on my name.

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Jason-101 wrote:
Fri Jun 21, 2019 2:44 am
Just go ahead and CLICK on my name.
I'm not buying what your peddling old man you better get outa here.

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