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Basic Lore
The lore of this RP follows the Halo Canon up until 2552 and the end of the Human-Covenant War. The Swords if Sanghelios formed and united Sanghelios by the end of 2556, though unbeknownst to them, ONI was using Sector 1 and the various headhunter teams at thier disposal to destabilise Sanghelios in a bid to eliminate the Sanghelli and stop any chance of them ever turning on humanity again.

In 2557, ONI Sector 1 was breached during a frontier attack by a Covenant splinter faction called the Divine Powers, destroying the first of the two UNSC: INFINITY's sister ships, the UNSC: ENDLESS in the process. Immediately following the breach, leaks of ONI involvement and the true origins of Spartans, including that of John-117 and Spartan-III Gamma Team were made public. Upon seeing this, hundreds of Spartan personnel went AWOL, dissapearing from the battlenet and disconnecting their suits from all UNSC frequencies.

In the present day, 2557, the Divine Powers has reformed the Covenant in all its glory, with their capitol ships consisting of;
- CSO Supercarrier: Might of the Divine helmed by Supreme Commander of the Covenant Oran 'Nalcamee
- OSS Superdestroyer: Will of the Divine helmed by Supreme High Councillor Tyvu 'Mdatamee
- DDS Carrier: Wrath of the Divine helmed by Ground Commander Horamus 'Nalcamee
- ORS Heavy Cruiser: Voice of the Divine helmed by Honor Guard Commander Khalia 'Mdatamee
- CAS Assault Carrier: Fortitude of the Divine Helmed by Field Marshal Midas

The UNSC now have but three capitol Ships to their name:
- Infinity Supercarrier: IMMENSITY helmed by Fleet Admiral Aleksandras Fenrir
- Punic Supercarrier: Iron Will helmed by Vice Admiral Edward James Thatch
- Epoch Heavy Carrier: Atlas helmed by Captain William-070

- Please leave at least one other person to add an additional section to the story before you do
- please try to be somewhat descriptive
- please try not to bring a lot of characters in at once, we dont want overcomplicated or overcrowded scenes
Please stick to Halo Lore (so no RWBY or RvB crossovers and such)
- have fun!

Who are you to be in this Story?
This story will focus around taking down the newly reformed Divine Powers' Covenant, and eventually will bleed into destroying the upper echelons of ONI and helping restabilise Sanghelios.

Your characters can be from any side of this conflict really, I'm happy for this to run with a few side stories going off. But if you want to really be a part of the main story, I would advise either an AWOL Spartan, or an Ally of the AWOL Spartans.

I'll post the first part of this RP in the next day or so, until then feel free to post a short description of a character you plan to use here!

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Marine Lieutenant James Daldwell

Specialities: Bomb defusal and stealth.
Unit: The 27th Ground Corps, the 3rd Company
Description: Will edit in with this later.
Family: Brother and sister, parents. All alive
Age: 27
Born: 2529

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Can’t decide between an Elite or Nigel Thompson.

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I’m working on my newest Z19. I’ll get him posted soon.

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The description so far is pretty broad. All you've actually told us is the names of some ships and NPC's. What's the actual story? Where is the game taking place? Who or what are we supposed/allowed to be playing as?

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Added some filler to the description minorly detailling plot and some possibld character direction

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Are there Spartan-IVs in this RP? This will decide my character.

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Could I write for some marines...?

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