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Am I allowed to post my lore here?

April 29th, 1941
To: Winston Churchill

Prime Minister,
I am writing to report that my laboratories have been destroyed and the scientists working alongside me were killed at the same time. I am currently holding out in a bunker near the Thames. I fear I will not make it through the night. They are actively searching for me, I fear they have discovered my purpose in London.

However, all my attempts to activate the device have ended in failure, and I doubt the enemy will do any better. We may have lost the battle, but we will win the war.

Sebastian Qaz

Feel free to continue the story, just not too unrealistic, and it must make sense canonically with the Mega-Verse, as this is Project: V.O.R.T.E.X-based.

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To Charlie, yes the thread is for everyone to use mega verse or not.

The Tales of Yore.

Planet in the sky

There are many things in this world that we do not understand. Many secrets that not even the bearer of them could know. If I told you the great sky people were not born, but created. Would you believe me? What if I told you that they created themselves. Like a seed they spread themselves across all of reality. Every corner, every nook and cranny. The seed would go until it would finally stop. If I told you where, would you look up with wonder in your eyes… or fear. Like every tale we must start at the beginning, however my time here must be short. The planet of Athecia, a great seed that would come to rest upon this world. It would one day bear a great Empire. However that empire would face the darkest of evils, and when that great empire fell the prophecies of the rising dark would be revealed. But this was not the end, you see the sky people, they were very clever, they foresaw their own fall, and knew the fate of there home, how it would be turned into a weapon of hatred. They reached out to the universe, and it answered. A ship, a seed much like the planet once was, sent out amongst the stars. The planet vanished, and darkness fell with it. But this was not the end. Because in the dark there is hope. If you had to hide from the vial daemon itself, where would you hide? If *** was on your heels where would you run. If the Gods themselves forsake you where would you go. It's simple really, hide in plain sight. The one place no one would look. A where without a when, a there without a then. The infinitum, Fraron, the Timeless Plains no matter what you call it all you have to do is look up… beyond the shrouded mythical plantations, through the ire birch, and atop the great forests pillars of Gia. You will find it, you will find hope, you will find the planet in the sky. You will find Athecia.

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Awesome lore, bro.

You need a little title under your username that says "Lore master"

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Lol I'm necro threading this ain't I. But alas it is still prevalent. I need to write more lore. Seriously. But with all this talk of Dragons, and some spare time with my phone on hand I bumped this lore post forward on my list of things to do.

Ugh…. Hu? Who dares awaken me from my slumber! … a hairless ape… of course.

Hay that's a little rude don't you think.

Rude? Was it not you who woke me from my slumber.

Well, ya… but I mean look around us. Everyone else here seem… well ugh... less then cognitive.

And this is reason to wake me?

Well I mean you were the only one not wandering about aimlessly.

Yes i was in deep hibernation, i should not become like them, so i preserved thy mind in sleep. Now get to the point ape.

First stop calling me that. I'm human. Second I didn't just come to this place to become one of them I'm here for information.

Fine human, this shall be your denotation. Now what makes you think I have the info you seek?

Well, the guy with a fancy robe and pointy ears said so before sending me here. I mean, now you specifically no. Just happenstance really. But I can see now I must have been wrong. Sorry for bothering you.

I have lived for eons. I have seen the rise and fall of empires. I have conquered universes and made them worship me as a ***. When I got bored of that I found myself a mate and raised hatchinglings and watched from the sidelines. You think you're worthy of my knowledge? You are nothing but a single moment. A drop in an infinite ocean of time, one more blink and i might have had the pleasure of missing your existence entirely.

So, you think you can help me then? Or is that just some sort of elaborate excuse to why you can't.

… o my goodness what could you possibly want to know!

I want an answer, to this phrase, the idea of it. Find me in the future. It's like a taunt, edging me forward, I go further and further and yet nothing.

I don't understand, that is a objective statement? Someone told you this yes?

No, not directly, it was written in blood on a wall. There blood. In the shadow of the colony ship. It's my past, after…. Long long after. There was this ship, death black; buried in the snow just visible.

.... you, you didn't really come here for that. Its on your face, in your eyes, body, stance. I think you know the answer, but your afraid. Afraid to face it for what you might find. Maybe you're able to convince yourself that your here looking for answers. But you and I both know the truth.

Ya, mabey. I'm not sure anymore. Mabey I came here for the silence. You know I have to wonder, how did you end up here hugh? If your so old and knowledgeable why not just leave. Sure it's a prison but it can't be that hard to break out.

That, is a tale of love, sadness, pain and betrayal. It's a story I would like to keep to myself human. Meanwhile I can't leave because I am weak. Wounded, and malnourished. This place does not advance time so I do not age or grow weaker, but even if I could escape it would take the last of my energy. I'd never escape Fraron.

Fraron? You mean the timeless plains right. Where did you get that from.

Yes, much more practical, don't ask me.

Well I can get you out. If you want, not out of the timeless plains but this micro dimension.

Really? Why would you do that, did I not say I have enslaved universes to worship me? Done horrible things of evil and vilness.

Good… evil… both objective as far as I can see. Just stay away from my universe and I don't care. It's whoever's problem you show up in.

So how would you, we leave this dimension then. I have seen only one being escape this place. One of orcish kind.

Well you could leave on your own if you were stronger so what does that say about this place.

The Elves are not good at building timeless prisons? They didn't expect a being my power or similar? What does it matter.

Because it's in the context of what it is that allows us to escape. How do you hide something in plain sight as to prevent anyone from finding it.

You're suggesting this realm is a singularity. A single point the size of an atomic cell.

An atom. Yes. That aforementioned ship can hone in on me and target that exact spot.

The warden would never let this happen.

Can the warden get in your head? Id assume no, me however I have a built in countermeasure in this suit. Got to love them elves, o that guy was so mad when he sent me here. He was not paying attention to what I was wearing. On three we jump, it will be like we were never here.

Then three it is.

One… two… three.

That was it? Woa… this place, I did not think it could change.

Change? How so is it changed?

Last I was here, these trees, massive in size were not here. There was not but rubble and rock, twisted ire and wood. Perhaps we are wrong about this place.

Hu, how old are exactly.

Why human… why did you help me. The real reason why you did this.

Honestly, I don't know… maybe it's because you understand what it feels like to be alone. Maybe it's just because I could.

Maybe it's the silence. The silence... always reminds me that I'm alone.

So, the Answer… What is it. You said I know it but I'm not sure if I do.

Look to the near future, the answer is literally in front of you. You will find it when you stop seeking, when you let it, the future happen. Time is a valuable thing human. Respect it, and stop running from it. Let it happen, and you will understand.

I'll see you then, maybe sometime in the future eh? Can I at least know you name?

Thy name is Carsocross

Kaiman, good luck...

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Also wile not pertenent to the mega-verse i found this in my drive. I thought i lost everything from this role play I did back in the days on the destiny forums and I'm glade this survived. Wile you wount understand all the tiny nodes, hints, and importance of the story elements or even understand who or why the characters are here i want to post this as its one of my favorite places from the role play going over back log history of characters. And yes it involves time travel.


Falling, falling out of the sky, they fall, fast, faster, so bright… then it all fades to black. They melt into the water. It washes over them. Rinsing away their past, or future, they are floating in the sea, a sea of death. They flout, splash, sputter away as they rise again, out of the deep dark murk below. Awaken, first the light that fades through a murky glass, then breaks the sun as if falls to pieces. Out into the dark, so cold and bitter. Alone so desperately alone, freezing. A hue of gold so little so drifting, fading in and out of the stars. To say that some force were to part the mist that covers the black yet for mere moments before slamming it closed again. The twisted metal, the bundles in the corners, the stench of bones the body's that have since rotted away. Nothing now gone. Deeper into the dark. Upon the hill, a broken tomb, a grave that reveals, what time has lost cannot be obtained again. Forward upon the hill they climb, out of the dark and into the night. Breath, heavy upon their lips they enter the cataclysm. The dirt caked in rust smelling of iron, the foul stench runs down the walls leaving in its wake a shiny residue. Footsteps Eco into the distance. “Womp” “clomp” “womp” “clomp” “womp” “clomp” he almost falls, the rocks tumbling down with no audible clatter. The dirt turns to stone, old powerful dead. They follow their destiny. Falling, rocks tumble the machines creek and turn as if nothing has ever changed. The path broken, shattered. The light rips through the small opening forcing it's way down into the dark. Just bright enough to see the room below. Falling, umph. With a solid land. Creaking so utterly broken what once was considered a powerful force, to bend time in one's own direction, to will one to not exist, now shattered broken. No more. They follow now, to far to fall. Through the stone chambers are formed, into them fall the technology's of the past, fading into dust. Powder covers the very walls as new growth forces it's way into the depths. One little petal rises out of the stones and claims what little light it can. The gap that rides in the side. That shows that there can be. The climb, darker yet, so much darker to get. Farther down they fall. A chest lay within a once sealed but now broken door. A weapon that was once called legend lays within the room. Broken twisted the golden Fram nothing but a twisted tarnish of broken materials. The wolf carved into it nothing more but a blur, no longer able to convey it's meaning of what it once stood to say. Farther down, descending. The broken machines lie in the dust. There tendrils scattered across time to never be touched by the dark, the walls shake with energy once lost. A cave of wonder were so many met their end. Water once bright, turned stale and dark by the bitter ends of sweetness far away now. Deeper into the dark, a chasm, vast unyielding, striding the chasm a line of light cutting through. Falling deep into the line. Humming, the power of the old. What once whisked in and out of space on the molecular field now trapped within one world forced to fall and decay. A leep, slowly the wind, stretching faster, cutting into the night, the void breaths again. The light shines but briefly before it is consumed. On now forward they press. The narrow edge, broken now but little a ledge can be left. Flying to the dark each piece rubs away. The door that saw all, broken cast aside to reveal a once mighty wall of glass, shifted, forged to create. To represent everything in it's purist form, now fallen, the flux that once rained gone. The machine that controlled it nothing but a memory. Broken no long able to support what once was here, energy flows through the cataclysm, time bends and twists, always trapped within itself, the voice… so distant, soft flattering, inviting, the old room shifts with its power, the cracked walls scream as the last bit of light filters through, nothing left now but the dark.

Falling now, they are together, side by side, nothing is left, the broken world, the machines, the dark is all gone. Shattered stars fall by, falling into the night. Dying stars scream there ecos, the light eaters consume, the gaping Maw that does devour, alone now, nothing's left. No burning smell, or *** rage, no battered sky or leading wounds, no loss nor love. Alone in the embers of the night. One word is echoed here “no” fading, as it began. The stars screaming, roaring, flashing by as they are eaten by the dark, flashing brighter, the stars are fading, ebbing themselves out of existence. Soon there is nothing left, but the fall.

“Wake up” they see again now. The ground,soft upon their hands, smooth, almost silken, awake, eyes staring the light so painful, so peaceful. The wind is like a melody singing its sweet vow as the mountains except it's grace and pass it throughout themselves. The singing of the wind throughout them. They walk now. Through the field that they are surrounded in. Massive structures wooden in nature sprout bright green, the color so pure. The small things with the wings sing a song, where are we. Alone now, they walk, gasping, letting out a breath that speaks, breathing a fire that burns, to them it's a new beginning, it was always the ending of something much more. The dark patters, the world burns as the stars wink out one by one. So they will all end where they began.

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Ooh wow that was an awesome story-segment. Great work, Sabree!

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Intriguing, and well-written. That's some very interesting lore, and the Destiny thing was pretty cool, too.

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The Tales of Yore

Had some inspiration to finish this little one. :)

-The Phantoms of the Mist-

Darkness stirs and evil turners, the dark embers of the night bending and folding in the dark space of the expanse. Long before the Elves, long before the Nervosa, before the Sangal and even the great Dervan and the world eating machine a great darkness turned in the mists of the unbeknownst. Twisting horrors of ancient prophecies were born in the endless void, a void so desolate and unruly that it burst forth and lay siege to the very natures of this realm and other worldly things. In the Dark ubrances a force malingened to incongition and mystery swathed itself away into this unfathomably consuming darkness and lost itself amongst the ruin of its folding embrace. Apparitions of gastly sorts ebbed way to physicality in most unnatural ways and from them burst forth the great mists of terror that would come to swallow the void in its gapping hungry maw. Remnants of horrors long lost, found and forgotten again emerged from the murky depths in desolation and isolation to wretch, snagging at the ire of void that dared to turn away. Passing light showed horrid mysticisms of foreboding innocence striped and blanketed away from cognitive relativity to utter solutionism. Through horrid abominations the tellings of thought, spoken through inward eyes dragged away from the mentalities that once were held so dear. Amongst the passing echos of endless eons endless cycling as waves to a shore crash along the banks and erode did the mistic aposlutions of the mind doth seek to pervade the waking realms and bleed from them the apsolutions of relativity. Breaking endlessly, light but a trickle through the fog of mist. Time again they would beckon forth once more, time again they would beckon forth to reap there wretched horrors of un-imagination to the wayward heart of absolution and in divinity consume phantoms ever more.

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This place is for any lore right? If so, I might add some Imperial Campaign stuff...

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Spartanz19 wrote:
Mon May 07, 2018 10:50 am
This place is for any lore right? If so, I might add some Imperial Campaign stuff...
Yeah, Guess you could, I'll probably do something for my series...

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