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Toy Fair 2016

Trade Show, Con, and Festival Discussion
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Bob stays on the Job ! ;)

The new Advanced Warfare COD sets have me a bit giddy. I haven't bought a set of Atlas troopers yet ( picked some up in trade) but i will buy the set shown.

And a new Cyclops with what i believe are more poseable arms AND a sleek cockpit? Sold.I ust need to see a figure actually sitting in the Cyclops and i'll pick up 2.

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Thank you. It isn't hard to stay "on the job" when this is like the late 70's to early 80's all over again for me. Several different cool action figure themes in the same scale with the the same articulation. Besides just the awesome base sets there is so much custom fodder potential that I can't help but get excited ... and we haven't even seen it all for 2016 yet. I can't wait to get official confirmation if the Destiny is CoD or Halo scale ( not that it matters too much as those parts would make for great space Elves). And the new Cyclops Mech designs have a very Exo-Squad feel to them (much more than the original design) in my opinion. I can't wait to get hands on access to them to see what potential they have . And the new Brutes with the upgraded articulation as well as the 4 armed aliens from the Destiny line will add new species to my growing mash up universe.

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