Is the line pretty much dead?

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I noticed most big retailers are clearancing out most of the turtle figures and blind packs and really don't see new product coming. Is the line pretty much done now or is there new stuff coming? I really like the collector sets but those haven't had new additions in a long time. The blind packs I managed to get most of them for $1.50 at Wal-Mart and finally got a Karai. Will be sad if this line goes, so many Mega Construx lines have faded away with not much replacing it. Even the new Despicable Me blind packs were $1.50.

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Well they didn't release much this year... So yes. But on the bright side, hopefully they'll do something better.

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They've created so many variations already, so it might be time to discontinue stuff. The only things they could pretty much do would be The Next Mutation or the 2003 series, which they likely don't have the exact rights to.

Even if they did end up getting the rights (MC is working with Nick AND Saban), it'd be cool to see something later on down the line, as a few more sets. And they could always add a few characters to the Heroes single packs.

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There is still plenty that they could do in the Turtle line. They have human Rocksteady, but no human Bebop yet. The 1987 cartoon had lots of characters that we have yet to see: the 3 Nutrinos, 4 punk frogs, channel 6 news cast, transport module, turtle blimp, and a Casey Jones to name a few. And if they were to continue the black and white Eastman & Laird sets: Footsoldiers, The Foot Elite, mousers and Baxter Stockman, April, dark versions of Mikey and Donnie, Utroms, Triceratons, Fugitoid and many more, but that covers most of the early comics.

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