Where are Mega Construx Destiny sets actually sold?

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I'm really confused by the way Mega Construx Destiny sets are released to market and would like to know how I can find out where and when sets are released, and ultimately purchase them for my private collection.

I live in Australia and I started collecting Mega Bloks/Construx Destiny sets at the end of 2016. I now have a collection of 21 sets:

Hunter Cryptid Armory
Warlock Samsara Armory
Hunter Starwinder Armory
Titan Ruin Wings Armory
Warlock Hezen Lords Armory
Arcadia Jumpship
Sparrow S-10V
Sparrow S-31V
EV-37 Racing Sparrow
EV-41 Racing Sparrow
EV-38 Laurelbearer Sparrow
EV-30 Tumbler Sparrow
Hive Horde Attack
Cabal Gladiator Battle
Fallen Walker
Cabal Interceptor
Cabal Harvester Dropship
2016 Fan Expo Exclusive Titan Sunbreaker
2016 PAX West Exclusive Warlock Stormcaller
2017 SDCC Limited Edition Iron Song Ghost Shell

Of that collection, ONLY the first 3 were originally found in a local "brick and mortar" store (EB Games, the Australian branch of GameStop). Everything else had to be imported from online retailers such as ebay and the US Amazon store and either shipped direct, or via re-mailing services that receive parcels from companies that only deliver to US addresses and then forward them on to international addresses. Yes, this means that sometimes the shipping price is as much as 4 times the original price of the product, but this collection has been a labour of love.

So far, the only way I've been able to find out about new releases is by frequently checking the the Mega Construx Destiny page, and then searching various US and Canadian online retailers and store websites for stock. After my most recent acquisition, the huge Cabal Harvester Dropship which incidentally was a really enjoyable build, I found the Dead Orbit Hunter and Future War Cult Titan Armory sets, which first appeared on the Mega Construx site (but with no stocking retailers) back in October, appearing on ebay for over $150 US (incl. shipping to Australia) for the pair because they're now discontinued! Then, today the new figure sets, such as the Endling Warlock ($4.99 USD recommended retail) are appearing on Amazon (US) for $25 + shipping from private sellers, but still without any stocking vendors listed from the "Megabrands" store page.

Can someone, anyone, please tell me how or where new Destiny sets are released into the wild?


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The only stores in my area that seem to sell these sets are Target, Walmart (both weak on selection if any), Toys R Us has the first wave minus the Cabal sparrow sets, and the vex SRL sparrow set. No FWC titan or Dead Orbit Hunter, no Aspect of Glass ship, or Cabal Tank set either. Gamestop only carried the Cabal Harvester, I’m wondering what online retailers have to offer!? Yes, Amazon had a few things like the heroes for 2018 being sold early at 3x the retail price and higher. This is all that I’ve seen from North East, USA!

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Walmart carries the first couple then stopped. Amazon and ebay is the only place to find the new ones. The website says the new ones are not sold in my country.(us) good luck!!

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I don't know about Oz, but I did see the Heroes minifigs, the new Sparrows (Gjallarwing and Avalon Coursier), and the Heavy Pike at my local Target (U.S.).

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I just ordered all 6 on Amazon from third party resellers. Get em while they are there!

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I've seen the Caval Harvester on ebgames's website, I've purchased the cabal gladiator thing in store at ebgames aswell as the armour packs with blue/black warlock, green warlock, gold/orange hunter and the red/gold titan. All at ebgames

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Game stop sells destiny MC and some halo heros here in the states I'm not sure if other game stops do to

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I manage to get all six Hero Sets and the two new Sparrow sets at Target.

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Game stop sells destiny MC and some halo heros here in the states I'm not sure if other game stops do to

Not all Game Stops carry them sadly. Here in Chicago finding ANY Mega brands stuff is hard

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Not all Game Stops carry them sadly.
This is kinda what I'm getting at. There doesn't seem to be any consistency. The most frustrating part being that even the US MegaBrands Shop itself says "Not available" for sets that are actually available, and that this was the case for the 2017 Armory sets (FWC, Dead Orbit, Shaxx and Xur). On the other hand, it has links to Amazon and Target for the Heavy Pike set!

Thanks for the tips on the "Heroes" minifigs. I'd already seen them on Amazon and I've got 3/6 of them ordered. Haven't found any vendors that ship the other 3 direct down under yet. Soon as I do, they'll be mine!

Unfortunately, the 2 sets from EB games are horrendously overpriced. Their price for the Harvester is about as much as a PS4. Thankfully I managed to get mine from Amazon US during the Black Friday sales for less than half EB's price and that included the international shipping to Australia.

I also managed to convince a colleague from one of my company's US offices to walk into a GameStop and pick me up their exclusive RavenSteel Sparrow to bring over when he next comes. I might have to ask him to also go to Target for the Heavy Pike for me. I'm also expecting the Aspect of Glass and Goliath Tank to arrive next week too.

I'm going to have to buy another glass display cabinet for them all to go in, as well as find a display case big enough for the Cabal Harvester. It's starting to collect dust sitting on top of my current cabinet.

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