Which Destiny Faction is the Coolest?

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The cabal are the best figs but favorite faction is the fallen

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I would say more of the Fallen.

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I love the way the Hive society works in the lore, there's so much personality in the guys that I thought were just generic zombies! There are so many interesting stories about them.

In Mega Construx, my favorite faction is the Cabal, but only because they're the most numerous (due to the Cabal dropship)

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In game I love fighting the Hive, but the Fallen are my favorite figs for sure!

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Fallen hands down. Four armed captains are cool looking.

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I think the Vex take 1st place for me. The angular designs with the steampunk-esque rust is awesome. Cabal are close second, Psions especially.

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Vex for me too, although I'd certainly love to see some Taken in MCX form...

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