Where are Mega Construx Destiny sets actually sold?

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I bought my Cabal Harvester from Amazon US during the 2017 Black Friday sales for $288.90 AUD ($217.95 + $70.95 shipping and handling to Australia)

Also, it seems Mattel is the official distributor for MegaBloks/MegaConstrux, but their international shipping costs are absolutely ridiculous. I investigated buying the Heavy Pike Patrol set through them when it first became available. They wanted nearly $80 shipping and handling for something that was 1/10th the size and weight of the Cabal Harvester!

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They decreased the price apparently at EB Games cause I bought it for $298 several hours after my previous comment. Looks like a great set and I can't wait to get home from traveling and build it.
Also $80AU for postage for a small set, that's ridiculous, I mean the tops for postage I would pay is about $35-40 for that if it was priority.

One of my local Walmarts is on their third case of Destiny Heroes. I see that as a good sign.

UPDATE: Bungie recently retweeted a photo from someone who found a Saladin at his local H-E-B (a supermarket chain in Texas). Not linking in deference to forum rules, but look up Bungie's Twitter feed and you should be able to find it.

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