We really need some enemy battle packs

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The enemy figures are really nice, but I have too few of them and way too many guardians. I feel like the Hive horde attack was a step in the right direction, but it's a relatively large set and only has thrall. I think battle packs like the ones done with the Halo line would be perfect for Destiny. For example, a Red Legion battle pack with a couple of legionaries, a phalanx or centurion, and psions. Or a Fallen battle pack with a Captain, dregs, and vandals. I'd love to mass these figures to set up battle scenes that really correlate with how enemies are distributed in game.

I wish I had anything to add other than just "I agree!", but I do agree.

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Yeah, I wish there were easier ways to get Cabal Psions, they look really cool but they're impossible to get for a decent price on their own.

The only way to get any Red Legion Cabal is to shell out a hundred and fifty bucks (plus tax and shipping), but you also get a Cayde-6 figure. And a ship, if you're into that kind of thing.

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Yep I'd like a Cabal battle pack. Just something under $20 USD for some Red Legion figures.

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