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NOTE: I've already posted this in the Roleplay section, I've posted it in other locations too, to increase the chance of you, the reader, of finding it. Welcome.

Before I start posting lore and such about my dimension (trust me, you'll like it), I'd like to talk about dimensions. Now, most of the time when you think about a "dimension" you think of a different planet, where some sort of alien species slightly similar to our species goes about their daily lives. But it's so much more complicated than that. First I'd like to start with the largest denomination of alternate dimensions, which I decided to title 'Universes'. While this may start to sound like astronomy, it's not. Our universe (in the astronomy kind of way) is all of space that we know exists. To travel to a different universe is impossible, because (accord to 'realism') our universe is all that exists. But since this is in "Roleplay & Fanfiction" we don't have to worry about that. But back on track: A universe (meaning a type of dimension, not astronomy anymore) is, like I said, the largest type, usually being something rather general like the "Halo Universe", or the "Destiny Universe". Inside those are what I call dimensions, a smaller denomination, usually being something that exists only in your bedroom, or toybox, coming alive whenever you enter the room and start to imagine (NOT play, you can still 'play' with your toys without actually bringing them to life). Dimensions are the day-to-day thing you would see in the community gallery, and is what I see whenever I go there. I see separate dimensions, each with their own plot and storyline and so on, whether or not you have started to make it up. YOU are the master of your own dimension, and the only limit to what you can make, is your own imagination. However cliché this may sound, it is very true, and though you may think "if only I could have that one set, THEN I'd be able to REALLY play", you are lying to yourself. While infinite Mega Blocks (Or [competitor], whichever you prefer), won't satisfy your need to make your dimension "real", I'm NOT saying that you shouldn't buy more. Buying more can actually extend or stretch your imagination, allow you to also extend your dimension's story or lore. Moving onward, I'd like to explain why dimensions like Halo and Destiny somehow exist if they are in separate universe. I call them "crossover" dimensions (no, sorry, no fancy wording this time). This occurs when a dimension from (e.g.) Halo, somehow collides with a dimension from (e.g.) Destiny. There are many possibilities, but to keep it simple, I'll only include one example:

Dimension '1' (from Halo) is the dominant dimension (meaning it makes up most of the dimension), when dimension '2' collides with it. Either the space time continuum (it's a real thing) of dimension '1' or '2' cracks letting information, objects, characters, or even ideas leak into the other dimension, creating a crossover dimension.

Back to discussing dimensions. Last but not least, I'd like to introduce "frequencies". A frequency is the smallest know dimension, and it works rather simply and complexly at the same time. Let me explain. Frequencies are a sort of "piece" of a dimension, broken off or "floating around in" the dimension. While it keeps the main attributes of the dimension it originated from, something either "breaks" or changes. For example, an extremely large frequency of a Halo dimension would be one in which Master Chief dies. While this is a drastic example, it shows that basically anything can happen in a frequency.

Thank you for reading this far in this discussion. It took me about an hour to formulate the ideas in my mind and to type them out for all of you to read. While what I have said may seem like fantasy talk, it (almost) explains what goes on in our heads when we take out a figure and examine him, and the thought pops into your head, "I wonder what his story is?", starting the chain reaction, which if you embrace and do not shut away by thinking, "Oh, it's too childish to make up stories in my head" can create your own dimension. Don't believe me? How do you think George Lucas thought of Star Wars? And J.R.R. Tolkien of Lord Of The Rings? And all those others that neither you nor me have ever heard of or ever will hear of, but who have made masterpieces, waiting to be recognized? What will your dimension be? Will you think of one? It's all waiting there...


for you to find it...

- Fellow Dreamer and Dimension Creator

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