Destiny World product choice is bad

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Anyone else think it is just a little insulting to have the Hunter figure from the Dead Orbit Armory set as the picture for Destiny on the Worlds section of the website?

I personally think that due to the terrible distribution of this set and the fact it is already listed as discontinued it should be replaced with something actually obtainable via non scalper sources.

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I don't really see an issue with it, to be honest.

The World page for the MCX heroes has a picture of a Xenomorph with blue markings, despite the fact that the Series 1 Xeno was discontinued, and it didn't have blue accents.

In the same vein, the CoD page used to have a picture of the Captain Price Specialist figure, which was also discontinued a while ago, and the Halo Worlds page uses theHalo 3 Anniversary Master Chief figure, which is also discontinued, and very hard to find.

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