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Cool thanks I thought he was a Titan because of his bulkyish armour.
nope GreenSpartan082 how you can tell the difference if he's a hunter or not is does he have a cape (mainly) or a hood, there you go there is the difference that makes the Hunter class special from any other for future questions! (Just thought I should put it in to help you/others over questions of the future about it being what class, Titan has a thingy in front or behind their legs, with a more bulky chest piece, Warlocks look like they have a "skirt" is what my sister calls it):-)

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Nothing as of now, but getting the Harvester tomorrow, and going to order a Walker, Atheon set and a Pike from Toys R Us as well, and Later on going to order 8 more smaller sets from Amazon.

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Finally managed to get my hands on the FWC Titan And Dead Orbit Hunter Armories.

Paid way more than I wanted but only double retail at least.

Only have the Harvester with Cayde-6 left to get of the non exclusive sets to have everything currently released

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I want them new sets they been teasing us with... they be so cheeky.

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After finally seeing Saladin and Xur for under $15 apiece on Amazon, I grabbed one of each. They arrived today!

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