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Finally got a Hezen Lords set...

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i have 3 armouries the cabal tank strike set the cabal intercepter set the arcadia jumpship set the hive horde attack set the fallen walker set the moon sparrow(red) the venus sparrow(grey) the purple SRL sparrow and i hink thats it

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I actually have most the only ones i don't have is the unreleased ones the ikora and dominus and the only one i don't have that has been released is the storm caller warlock :-( I will get it eventually I hope

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It's been a real labour of love, and I nearly lost hope and gave up along the way, but I persevered. Today, with the arrival of my Avalon Courser Sparrow, my Destiny collection is now 100% complete.

That means, my collection now contains:

Endling Warlock
Raku Warlock
Lions Vigil Hunter
Kallipolis Hunter
Jovian Guard Titan
Vanguard Titan

Warlock Samsara Armory
Warlock Hezen Lords Armory
Hunter Starwinder Armory
Hunter Cryptid Armory
Titan Ruin Wings Armory
Dead Orbit Hunter Armory
Future War Cult Titan Armory
Lord Saladin Arsenal
Xur Arsenal

Sparrow S-10V
Sparrow S-31V
S-34 Ravensteel Sparrow
EV-37 Racing Sparrow
EV-41 Racing Sparrow
EV-38 Laurelbearer Sparrow
EV-30 Tumbler Sparrow
Avalon Courser Sparrow
Gjallarwing Sparrow
Heavy Pike Patrol

Aspect of Glass
Arcadia Jumpship
Hive Horde Attack
Fallen Walker
Goliath Tank Strike
Cabal Gladiator Battle
Cabal Interceptor
Cabal Harvester Dropship

2016 Fan Expo Exclusive Titan Sunbreaker
2016 PAX West Exclusive Warlock Stormcaller
2017 SDCC Limited Edition Iron Song Ghost Shell

Pictures to come when I get this baby home and find a space for it!

Now to start saving for the release of those rumored Ikora and Ghaul sets....

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Just got a Cabal Harvester Dropship. I haven't started building it yet, but the figures are great!

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I Have a foot tall Lord Saladin figure that weighs a pound that came with his axe and auto rifle.

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I have this Arcadia Class Jumpship that I had to rebuild at least 10 times. I also added gun holsters, stabilizations, and blasters.

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Atheon and sparrow s-31v

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Finally scored the FWC Titan Armory set!!

Now uf I could find the Dead Orbit Hunter set for less than $50 I would be golden

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