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I'm pretty sure that judging by the post history on here, not too many people are into the American Girl series, but it'd be nice to know if any of the pieces are compatible with the super articulated bodies, since there aren't enough female headsculpts at the moment.

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The American Girl figures are closer in scale to Monster High (monster high has longer legs though). The arms don't have elbows, but arms and legs do work with other figures, the limbs are a bit longer than Halo/TMNT, maybe more similar in length to CoD (I cannot say for sure as I don't have any to compare with currently, I've bought many of sets for my nieces).

The heads of American Girl and Monster High are exactly the same. Torsos are much larger than Destiny females and TMNT April O'neil. For example, if you stand April next to an American Girl figure, April looks like she could be the other figure's doll.

What does work perfectly for swapping is the feet/shoes of the American Girl figures to the Ninja Turtles feet/shoes. Although so far the only turtle with shoes is the "Mutagen Canister" Mikey.

Hope this helps.

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Well. I don't own any of these sets, but I think they are around the same scale as Monster High (again, I don't own any), which are quite a bit taller than standard Collector's series figures (both sizes), as I have seen them in Lisha's comics.

Hope this helps :)

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Yeah they are basically the same height as MH. The torsos are wider and straight. The arms are more articulated then MH since they can raise and lower. The wellie wishers cannot and while the arms are shorter then MH they are the same. In my mini comic you can see MH and American girl arms on a destiny body. I did it for a deformed monster the minotaur.

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I think the figures should be more like CoD

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If you start this again Bossofbricks we will ALL drop out of your comic. I wouldn’t even consider staying...

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You already used your get out of jail free card m8 you don't get another chance don't waste it.

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