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I was wondering how these figures are compared to the super-articulated lines, and if any pieces are compatible.

Is there anyone who collects Monster High and some other lines, or is in the LA/OC area and would like to combine Monster High stuff with COD or Halo stuff to see if it works scale-wise?

Thanks in advance! Hope you had a great holiday season!

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Scale is off, just look at my mini comic on the gallery. I use all the lines in one comic. The MH girls are about 8-9 ft standing next to Cod or halo. Arms are longer and legs are super long. The heads are anime style and large on halo or cod figs. The torsos almost work though, they are not horribly out of scale.

There is some compatibility with the American Girl (and possibly Wellie Wishers) series. The Monster High characters can wear the hair, skirts, and glasses from them, and I'm sure vice versa. Otherwise their appearances are strikingly different. The parts ARE compatible though, like you could fit an AG upper torso on a Monster High lower torso. It looks very strange though. xD With the correct figures from a variety of lines, however, I'm sure that some stocky Monster High characters could be achieved (like the lunch lady). I can't imagine which characters you could use for that though.

I have plenty of extra MH characters though, and I plan on using hair and other parts from the AG line to make a bunch of generic Monster High students. Should be fun, if I ever get around to building their school. x]

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