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I saw a few at Barnes & Noble around Christmas time in the US. Since then though... I only see Series 1 again and that's it. Has anyone else seen Wave 2 around?
Barns and Noble? Didn't they go out of busyness

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Breakdown of stores & availability In my area:

Barnes & Noble: Series 1 (out of stock 1/2 the time)
Series 2 (Had some for 1 week around Christmas)

Best Buy: Series 1 (Hasn't been in stock in 4-6 weeks)
Gamestop: Series 1 (Hasn't had in 3 months)
Think Geek: Series 1 (Had at Christmas, Still have 1 Egg lingering around)

Target: Series 1 (Only in stock intermittently & Only showed up in store last month)

Walmart: Hasn't had ANY Break Out Beasts yet.

Unfortunately, Series 2 is not available in my area.

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