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So, it looks like the Crystal Creatures don’t have their own forum, so I will post this here since they are similar to Breakout Beasts.

So this line shows to be released now, as it is listed for sale online in many stores, yet despite my best efforts, I can’t find them in stock at any of my local physical stores yet. I’ve checked King Soopers/Kroger, Walmart, Target, and Costco, and so far it’s not in store in my area.

Has anyone seen them in any of their local stores yet?

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I've been looking in stores too but have yet to see any signs of them. My girls reeeeeally want them and I personally dig the golden stag.

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Community Team
Where are you located? If you're in Canada, you can find them at Toys R Us. If you're in the US, your best bet is on Amazon until they hit stores!

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I've seen the Crystal Creatues in Belk here in North Carolina.

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