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Crystal Creatures Stores

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mrachieveify wrote:
Mon Oct 14, 2019 3:57 am
I have seen them in Smith's Marketplace (Kroger) and Target recently! They have only just started tp appear.
What section at Target do they have them? My 2 girls have been wanting these since they announced them.

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So the Mega Contrux News twitter announced Series 2 for the Crystal Creatures line. Looks like they added in fantasy lion heads, Kirin Horns, and I noticed there was also Breakout Beast Dragon/Phoenix claws on one of the critters, so the lines are starting to mix parts. lol

No official release date on them, but an Italian site I visited they would be available for Christmas? Probably inaccurate at this time, since the twitter announcement was Dec. 7th.
Series 1 has appeared in several local stores now, but so far, Target and Kroger in my area are the most regular suppliers for Breakout Beasts and Crystal Creatures right now.

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If you have any of the following stores in your area trying checking these places for construx since at least in my area they have been getting a decent variety of items from multiple lines in stock:

Tuesday Morning
Dollar General
Family Dollar
Kroger Marketplace (especially good for the Newest Heroes waves & the ONLY place I've found MCX Heroes wave 5 instore; also I've noticed that the normal Krogers in my area don't carry any product but the Kroger Marketplaces are great)

Other than that best way to get stuff can be to find someone willing to sell at normal store retail plus shipping. I'm on another forum & I got people there I help out by doing just that. It helps build a network for when I need a set I can't find myself.

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regular krogers got these for xmas and cleared them out after for 3 dollars each, check quick before they are all gone!

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